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You may feel you need to compete online but perhaps you do not have the time, expertise or staff who specialise in digital marketing. Perhaps you have found that expert staff are hard to find, expensive to recruit and a significant overhead. However to compete in an increasingly digital market place and grow your business potential online, an expert digital sales and marketing team is essential.

So often there is a gap, this may be the case for your business and one that risks losing out on critical online business opportunities. 

How Can Your Team Help My Business With Online Marketing?

We provide you with all the expertise, insight, technical skills and digital solutions normally associated with a digital marketing department. We are a small but agile Digital Marketing Agency based in Chingford, London and we work with clients across the UK and in Europe. The digital marketing services we provide are delivered at a fraction of the cost of setting up your own marketing team. We focus on your business and relevant solutions to help you drive more business online. 

Unlocking Your Online Business Potential

We recommend booking an initial phone or Skype consultation with one of our experts to get started today. During the call we will assess and agree with you the next best steps. Often this involves commissioning us to carry out an initial piece of analysis work. Research and analysis are crucial foundations to unlock your online opportunities. This step will provide you with factual information to shape your digital marketing strategy, save money in the long term and invest with confidence. 

We work closely with you as a business partner and provide you with a quote for one or a combination of digital marketing solutions to tackle your objectives. There is no ‘one size fits all businesses’ and solutions may include one or a combination of digital marketing services such as website development, optimisation of your website for Google (SEO), targeted email marketing campaigns, blogging services, social media.

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We Can Help You With That and Much More!. We have the expertise to build you a web site that will work beautifully on mobiles and is easily found in Google attracting more potential customers. You may want to find out why my website visitors aren’t buying or calling me and why lead volumes are low, we can help there too by booking our SEO Audit to give you detailed insights. 

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Website Design

To increase your online sales your website needs to be designed in a way that is easy for customers to navigate and for Google to understand (both in search results and from a technical website building perspective). Key to web design is ensuring your website works on mobile devices as over 50% of searches are now made on these devices.  Customers who arrive on your website must be converted from ‘website visitors’ to ‘customers’. Our website developers focus on all these elements for you and specialise in WordPress mobile ready websites.

Google Ranking (SEO)

Our team can double (or more) your online sales turnover. Partly achieved by making your site more visible in Google, to improve Google search results your website will need specialist attention. There are no ‘quick fixes’ to increase your website traffic but you can attract more customers by carefully executed Search Engine Optimisation knows as SEO techniques that we carry out for you. We’ll answer the question “What is SEO” and how it works for your business. Broadly speaking SEO involves a mixture of attracting backlinks from other websites, writing high quality customer content and online PR techniques.

Wifi Marketing

Wi-Fi Marketing is VERY different to standard Wi-Fi that you often find in shops and restaurants. They key difference is that your business capture visiting customer details and this allows you to re-engage with customers after they have visited your physical retail premises, seminar, business exhibition or music festival. Your customers have easy access to WiFi via a ‘one click’ option and your business immediately, live, can analyse and engage with customers. Integrated with social media, email marketing and SEO this is a key tool to maximise your customer engagement and marketing potential.

Email Campaigns

Email marketing campaigns are one of the most powerful ways to attract new customers and engage with existing customers. Planned out and delivered correctly you have direct contact with customers to update them on news, offers and essential information. As mobile technology and usage has increased email marketing has seen a resurgence as the number 1 marketing tool to drive sales growth. Our online training course “How To Run An Email Marketing Campaign That Delivers Results” gives you all the key skills to get started today!

Marketing Automation

Combining all the elements of online marketing and managing them can be time consuming often resulting in businesses stopping their investment into key areas such as social media or email marketing. Marketing automation software will carry out tasks on your behalf, as well as delivering relevant messages to your customers or sales teams at the right stage of the customers buying cycle. Packages start from as little as £199 per month & will deliver massive improvements in your online sales turnover potential.

Analysis Based Web Design Process

Why Investing In Deep Online Research Can Save You £000’s In The Long Term It’s old news that websites are an essential investment for any business. But all too often, business owners dive head first into their site development without giving sufficient attention to... read more

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