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Marketing Automation Systems That Improve Digital Productivity and Lead Generation

Why Automate?

Ensure you capture every customer opportunity from your website, email marketing and social media. Marketing automation is essential to drive business sales and sales productivity.

Business Marketing Automation

We have partnered with SALESManago leaders in marketing automation who will help you every step of the way from initially setting up right through to powerful campaign development.

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Boost Lead Generation

SALESmanago gives you tools to increase the number of leads you acquire.

  • Identifies people and companies visiting your website then monitors and analyses their online behaviour
  • Provides a complex knowledge about lead’s interests, needs and purchase intent
  • Allows to create personalised contact forms, which increase Lead Generation by 45% (SALESmanago Rainbow Tours Case Study)
  • Includes an event management feature to manage your webinars (Webex, GoToWebinar) and other online and offline events
  • Supports progressive profiling
  • Helps you capture users who are just researching (80% of consumers do so before purchase)

Increase Sales

Marketing Automation drives a 14.5% increase in sales productivity (Nucleus Research).

  • You identify hot leads immediately, and your sales team knows to whom reach out urgently,
  • You nurture leads that aren’t sales ready, so you stay in touch without being too pushy,
  • You identify and address leap gap in your sales funnel,
  • Companies that invest in Marketing Automation see 54% improvement in lead quota achievement

Personalise Messages To Increase Engagement

Thanks to contact monitoring, contact scoring and segmentation you can send highly personalized messages in all channels. These include:

  • Newsletters.
  • Dynamic 1-to-1 emails (such as welcome messages or abandoned cart recovery).
  • Dynamic banners (offer displayed on the banner is tailored to user’s history, interests and scoring).
  • Remarketing (Google, Facebook, RTB).
  • Personalised SMS and push notifications.
  • Omnichannel Lead Nurturing campaigns.

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Streamline Your Marketing

Create rules of automation, so you can react to visitors behaviour in the real-time. After the rule is set, the system will perform desired actions automatically. It’s about changing the approach: you create processes and rules, and don’t have to waste time on mundane, time-consuming tasks manually.

  • Automation reduces the risk of human error.
  • Save time with intuitive wizards.
  • Improve communication between sales and marketing: companies that are better at aligning marketing and sales show an average of 32% growth in annual revenue, compared to a 7% decline in organisations lacking this alignment (Aberdeen Research).
  • An accurate measurement of marketing performance: measure the efficiency of each campaign. SALESmanago also offers ROI and Conversion Analytics.
  • Your Marketing team can show in objective terms the value they generate for the company.

Automation Tools Overview

  • Contact identification and monitoring: track user behaviour to build complex customer profile and personalise messages.
  • CRM: manage contact in your database and keep all the data in one place.
  • Digital Body Language: understand customers’ behaviour and demographic and translate the data into marketing actions.
  • Rules of Automation: set rules of automation.
  • Creators of responsive emails and landing pages: our wizards don’t require any technological knowledge from marketers. You don’t need to know HTML to design and send beautiful emails or build amazing landing pages for each campaign.
  • A/B/X Testing: great marketing comes from an urge to experiment and test new ideas. With our tools, it’s easier than ever.
  • Advanced analytics: monitor efficiency of every campaign and identify problems quickly.