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Website Optimisation SEO

Why SEO Is A Solid Investment

Ensuring your Website is found In Google Results (SEO) is essential if you want to build a website that gets you more business than your competitors. SEO, also know as organic search, is a way to ensure that Google can read your web site content and deliver it to customers who need your help when they search online. In this way your website design will be seen my more potential customers. Your website design and SEO together become a powerful digital sales force working 24hrs a day that never sleep, a great investment!

Website Customer Conversion

Website Conversion Equals Success

Converting visitors to your website into customers once they have found your business in Google, via direct links or from social media is a critical success factor. Visitors to your website must ‘love’ the information you provide. This means providing quality and trustworthy content that solves their enquiry as well as easy to navigate pages. Problem solving or research are the main reasons people search in Google. Then, if your website provides a clear solution visitors will proceed to ‘act’ and either phone, buy online or email you to move towards a purchase. Converting visitors to your website in this way is as critical as visual design.

What Is Wi-Fi Marketing?

If you run a business that has a physical premises such as a hotel, retail site or leisure facility, which is visited by customers, then WiFi marketing is a powerful way to engage with your customers. Visitors to your premises can easily connect to your Wi-Fi via your branded landing page, as opposed to the standard BT page and log on via their social media or by registering. Next time they visit they are connected automatically. This is an excellent service for customers who’s 3G or 4G might not work on your site and for your business there are a host of ways to engage or cross sell to customers who revisit, gain insights and more!

Automating Your Marketing

Online Sales Team 24 Hours A Day

Managing emails, digital marketing and aligning these with your sales activity on a daily basis can have a heavy impact on your business resources or expenditure. Many businesses do not have an in house marketing team or the technical skills to run complex processes of this type. The good news is that, with some time investment to get set up, that marketing automation will drive huge potential for your business to nurture your customers and grow. Our partner organisation will guide you every step of the way. Starting from tailoring your email automation, sales follow up and integration with your existing database systems. A virtual sales team driving real sales!

Email Marketing Advice

Email has been around for a long time and has seen peaks and troughs in how businesses view it as a successful marketing tool. Email marketing is still the most powerful way to directly reach and engage with your customers on a one to one basis and has the lowest return on investment of all marketing methods. The key to achieving this for your business is to ensure that it aligns with your customers (or potential customers) needs and timing within their purchase cycle. Analysing campaigns and adjusting them refines the level of success. With help from our team you can achieve exceptional response rates and deliver emails that customers look forward to receiving again and again……

How To Start An Email Campaign

Using Existing Data For Emailing

Preparing Data For Email Campaigns

Measuring Email Campaign Success