WiFi Is A Gateway To Your Customers Loyalty And Sales 

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Why Guest WiFi Is Good For Business

“You walk into a business but have no mobile signal, luckily you get offered amazing Wi-Fi as a guest on your mobile device and, even better, they tell your that today they have a special offer on a product You want to buy….Amazing!”

Imagine if you could provide your customers with a rich experience of your brand via their mobile device that works that easily. With Guest Wi-Fi this is achievable, so that when a customer visits your hotel, event your are hosting, retail outlet…basically any ‘bricks and mortar’ business you can engage with them. And you gain increased customer insight and grow your database. 

Customers receive VIP Wi-Fi service from you and in turn you have tons of ways to interact with your customers. Those interactions might be when a key speaker at a conference is starting, what the evenings’ menu will be, how to get a special deal as a loyal returning customer, a voucher to redeem in store……endless combinations and opportunities!

Wifi Marketing For Hotels Festivals Shops

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Is WiFi Marketing A Relevant Service For My Business? 

In our experience the businesses that benefit the most from marketing social wifi as a customer perk, tend to be businesses who have a lot of visitors to their premises or who pass nearby:

  • Hotels
  • Corporate Events & Seminars
  • Educational Centres
  • Music Festivals
  • Multiple Retail Chains
  • Restaurants
  • Clubs
  • Dental Practices
  • Independent Retailers
  • Museums

Our expert technical team from our partner Vidazone will survey your business premises, venue or outdoor site and advise on ways to deliver a solution tailored to your requirements. The team can advise and provide solutions for internal IT cabling, external broadband and fixed data circuits for larger installations. All to ensure that you and your customers have a seamless Wi-Fi experience, potentially even in the middle of a field in Hampshire!


How Does A Customer Log In To Guest Wi-Fi Services?

It is a really quick and straight forward process and there is no risk to your customers accessing any of your systems or IT, the solution is completely separated from critical IT systems that you will no doubt have in your business. Customers can log in to your guest wifi service by a few registration steps or with just one click via social media including:

  • Facebook
  • Google+

In full, the process works in the following way and takes just seconds:

  • A customer visits your premises.
  • Perhaps they have no 3G/4G mobile signal?
  • So they search for a Wi-Fi service on their phone/tablet.
  • Your branded Social Wi-Fi service appears in their list.
  • Your branded Wi-Fi ‘login’ page appears in their web browser such as Google.
  • They log in with just one ‘1 Click’ via Facebook, Twitter or by registering.
  • Your customer has Wi-Fi access…Delighted!
  • You can now directly engage with your customer.
How To Log On To WiFi Using Facebook Google or Twitter

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Will I Get Any Help Setting Up My Social WiFi & Marketing?  

You may be a technical wiz but you do not need to be – the set up is all managed from start to finish by our partners at Vidazone and then the product is straight forward to use after a small amount of tuition:

  • Vidazone Tailor Your Requirement: Starting at entry-level modules all the way up to ‘Shopping Centre’ sized solutions.
  • Simple Set Up: In small premises the Guest Wi-Fi solution can be sent to you. The product is configured, then sent to you by post. Then simply set up by you in a matter of minutes.
  • Exhibition venues and larger premises will require a site visit from Vidazone to assess the site, IT infrastructure and to design a bespoke solution for you.
  • Help All The Way: The Vidazone team helps you all the way and from there on its total simplicity.

The flexibility and potential of Guest Wi-Fi is huge for you and your customers. The team at S4G and Vidazone will work with you to develop ideas to ensure you get maximum retention and revenue up-sell potential from Guest Wi-Fi.

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