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“How To Run An Email Marketing Campaign That Delivers Results” is a comprehensive course that explains in straightforward terms how to generate the best results from email marketing. Email can quickly and easily become a powerful tool for your business. This course helps you run an email marketing campaign even if you have little or no experience to start.

Delivered in digestible modules, typically it will take 1 hour to work through each module and I hope this helps you to fit learning around your busy schedule.

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Email Campaigns That Generate More Business

Cost Effective Marketing Method Your Business

The Secret to Making Quick Sales

Driving more sales to your business is no doubt a high priority requirement. You may have already tried turning to social media as it is relatively cheap (or even free) and relatively easily to master the basics to post information and run campaign activity.

What is often overlooked is that businesses small and large collect customer information on almost a daily basis – for example if you are a retailer this would be till sales or even collecting names, emails and addresses perhaps on your website.

Here lies your golden opportunity! Attracting new customers, as you will know, can be a long, expensive and challenging process. To potential customers who don’t know your business you are a stranger and trust needs to be established. Until then they will simply pass your efforts to attract them until you eventually catch their attention.

Whereas enticing existing customers to buy more of your products is a lot easier as your customer will already have an experience and relationship with your business (and indeed you or your staff).

By using the information you already know about your customers (how often they buy, what they buy, average spend and so on) combined with their contact details e.g. email address, name and other details is the key to unlocking additional sales – the relationship is already there!

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How To Use Your Existing Customer Data

Depending on how you have collected your customers’ information will dictate how you may or can use your existing customer data. One way is to email special offers and newsletters that may be of interest to your customers. If you collect information at your point of sale or contact, even if it’s on paper records, then this forms the basis for a database. Collected and stored in the right manner, this data can then be used to personalise emails to your customers triggering a potential for additional sales.

There are a few pitfalls to avoid for example there are Laws (most famously the Data Protection Act) that define how information gathered can be stored and used. The overriding rule is that the customer gives your business permission to use their information, including their email address to contact them.

This does not have to be a complex process, but requires you to maintain ongoing records in case any customer complains that about you contacting them.

Making A BIG Difference to Your Sales

Email Marketing alone or combined with another Marketing Campaign, promises to boost sales

The Right and Wrong Way to Run an Email Marketing Campaign

You will no doubt have received emails yourself either personally or in your business that have no relevance to you at all. Or that don’t ‘talk to you’ in a way that feels right and how you would like to be ‘spoken’ to (also know as tone of voice). You’re not alone!

There are many companies who have misused email to try and gain more customers, even to run scams that have made many recipients mistrust email overall. So that would definitely seem to be the wrong way.

The good news is that the email service providers such as Gmail, Outlook and so on have responded to this problem and now filter, on your behalf, some of these messages before they reach you (known as blacklisting). Ensuring that customers have the option to ‘opt out’ (stop receiving emails) is paramount and provides confidence that your organization cares if customers ‘want’ to have an email conversation.

The opportunity may be presented to you to ‘buy’ email addresses from an agency who will no doubt make all sorts of promises of ‘how well their email lists match your potential customers needs’. This can be the case, but good data is costly, bad data is cheap and costly to your businesses reputation.

Good practice is to gain your existing customers permission (known as opting in) to email them which will increase the likelihood for emails to be received, read and convert to sales. Also reducing the risk of your company being blacklisted which will reduce or even cease your emailing capacity.

Personalising customer messages (e.g. first name, title, surname) shows that you ‘know’ your customer. It also shows you are opening a conversation in the same way you would if meeting them in person ‘Dear Mr.Smith’ gives a tone of familiarity and friendliness. Further personalising e.g. “last time you bought product X so we thought we would let you know we now have product Y which you may like” is proven to be even more effective to convert emails into revenue.

You will also need to consider what type of messages will be of interest to your potential or existing customers (starting at the email subject line), what content should be written and design layout including the use of pictures.

Finally ensuring that there is a reason to contact you to request more information, download a white paper, call you or purchase should be clear to the customer – after all this is the reason you have emailed your customer in the first place.

5 reasons why it is better to use a local Email Marketing Agency

Content of emails and how they relate to your customers is key to them interacting with you. If you are trying to attract customers locally to your business the more that relevant local touches are included increases confidence.

So an IT company trying to sell to local businesses that shows it understands the pressures or issues in the local area helps to strike up a conversation aside from ‘pure sales messages’.

Email marketing company that you hire that write content / copywriting that blends this into your messages therefore will need to be local to facilitate this.

You may have the skills to carry out the campaign yourself or within your team, but if not then having an email marketing company physically nearby can really help to hold meetings and be advised in person on the set up process. As email campaigns are rarely and should ideally not be a ‘one off’ activity (as research evidences that increased success is achieved by ongoing and timely emails) building rapport with your chosen email marketer will also ensure they understand your business and develop increasingly relevant campaigns. This gives you a great business advantage that will translate into sales and make it very hard for your competition to copy.[/one_half]

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