7 Marketing Solutions For UK Hair and Beauty Salons

Salon Branded Guest Wifi

Customers researching online is a vital part of the decision-making process for customers. Before heading to your salon, customers use their laptops or mobile devices to research the product and choose the best option.

Such investigation includes browsing brands’ websites, social media channels, and users’ reviews. In a sense it is the modern ‘word of mouth’ that encourages trust and assurance that your salon is the one for the customer.

Salon Manager, Chloe from Strawberry Glow explains:

“Being present online both on web and social media is critical to our business success. We rely on keeping our customers informed of new offers, services and what’s new to maintain our customer base. It also gives us an opportunity to up-sell products online and via our e-store which we are opening soon”.


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What Are Potential New Customers Thought Processes Like?

A potential customer, lets call her Jess, feels like changing something to get a new look or to feel pampered before a special occasion. She browses the web, scrolls through Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration, and there it is – A new hair style idea, a way to have nails painted or a trusted place to safely get a tan.

20 years ago Jess would have solely looked to printed style magazines or celebrity magazines for inspiration. This is still the case, but the first source of information these days tends to be online for example articles like this one in Marie Claire “The 30 Best Short Hairstyles and Haircuts to Try Now“.

The thought about Jess’ new hairstyle nests in her mind. She thinks about it at work, in the restaurant, and before going to sleep. She dives deeper into research – how to wear it, does it suit her face shape, etc. Then it comes to the moment when she types “Hairdressers who can style my hair like…..” or “Who is best salon in to give me a layered hair cut near me” into Google.

Make sure your website clearly shows the services you offer and at what price to help make an initial decision.

How To Make Sure New Customers Will Find Your Salon.

Here are some ideas, how to progress your customers along the journey from ‘initial thoughts’ to ‘making an appointment’ and visiting your salon for the first time.

It may feel a bit overwhelming at first for you as a salon owner to decide on the best approach. There is so much advice and articles about designing websites, how to get found in Google and social media. Coupled with concerns over time and investment required to set up these marketing tools its not surprising that these important means of reaching new customers fall to the back of daily priorities.

Having a solid web site (both in terms of design, how it appears on mobile devices and how many customers find you in Google) is an essential start point. Websites are a platform and pretty much a standard requirement these days. But to really move customers from website visitor to customer there are forms, popups, email campaigns, and much more.

Let’s take a look at the best digital marketing practices for hair and beauty salons.

1. Capturing Details Via Personalised Contact Forms

After searching in Google and finding your website or blog advising on ’10 Ways to Look After Your Nails’ in the results Jane might then visit your website. If you offer Jess an incentive that suits her needs or refer to what she was looking for or reading about. Capture her data with a personalised contact form!

This may be presented as a special offer or to encourage the customer to book an appointment (if they are ready to do so) and register their details as part of the process.

It is possible to personalise contact forms and this way each visitor sees a slightly different contact form. Personalising it, according to your client’s experience, can increase the amount of leads generated from the website by 45%.

Benefit: You expand your database, and people who leave their email address so you can contact them again in future with their permission already granted.You can send such reminders also via SMS.

Benefit: You have your schedule updated in real-time, and your customers feel almost spoiled by how you treat them before the visit. It’s a small thing that increases your reputation.

2. Appointment Booking Reminders

Do you use an online form for appointment booking? It is a convenient way to gather more customers. Many customers prefer to book an appointment via an online app, particularly if they are using a mobile device, than to talk on the phone. It is of course important to make both options available.

In a Marketing Automation system, you can set a rule that sends an automatic email reminding about the scheduled appointment, for example, one day before or an hour before or both. Reminders help to reduce the number of customers who don’t arrive at the appointment and this reminder helps to increase their engagement with you.

You can send such reminders also via SMS.

Benefit: You have your schedule updated in real-time, and your customers feel almost spoiled by how you treat them before the visit. It’s a small thing that increases your reputation.

3. Salon Branded Wi-Fi, Click and Relax…

Sitting in the chair waiting for the tips of your hair to take the colour that has just been applied often results in reaching for your mobile to check your Facebook, Snapchat, emails. Or you might simply want to post a selfie of your new hairstyle or beautifully manicure nails.

Some salons have recognised that providing free Wi-Fi (often like BTOpen Reach or The Cloud) delivers a great value added service to their customers at little to no extra operating cost to the salon.
However the provision of Wi-Fi, although benefitting the customer, provides no useful insight or upsell opportunity to the salon.

Branded Wi-Fi differs from free services like the Cloud as the customer log ins using their Facebook, Google+ or short form via a salon branded page that automatically comes up on the customers phone. Once they have logged in once, they do not need to log in again on the next visit. The duration of time on Wi-Fi can be adjusted if you like to control usage. So for example set the limit to 2hrs maximum per day.

The big advantage is that by logging in this way not only does your brand get re-enforced but you now have valuable customer insight and are building your customer database. So if the customer didn’t initially book online or via social media you now have a way to communicated with them after they leave the salon.

But there is more…..whilst they are browsing, connected to your branded Wi-Fi, you can direct them to specific campaign pages, products pages and so on. In addition you can display banner adverts (and gain revenue income by product suppliers ‘renting’ the advert space).

In this way you are providing a service to your customers and encouraging additional revenues through upsell or cross-selling to them. An acceptable trade!

4. Keep In Touch With Your Customers Using Email

It is easier and more effective to market your services to someone who has already used them.

You can use automatic post-visit emails to ask about the experience and share some tips (you can link to a helpful blog posts or videos). Ask customers to share their opinion on social media or on your website: actively encourage them to do so, because reviews are the most reliable source of information for other potential, who will Google you later. They are key influencers and this is a modern form of word of mouth recommendation that has always been the most powerful marketing you will ever achieve!

Also, suggest the next visit. For example, after a month, issue an automatic message to the customer about a reminder to dye their roots. This is a helpful prompt particularly when people have busy lives and reduces the risk that your customer will simply go to the nearest, most convenient salon.

Benefit: You build a base of loyal customers and gain a social proof that helps you win new ones.

5. Interact With Your Customers Wherever They Are 

Your website should respond to users’ needs in the real time. This can be achieved by using dynamic banners: such banners have no fixed content, but they are customised to customers’ behaviour. A banner is a piece of visual and text information displayed when they access your website or App.

In this way, you can tailor your offers according to what the given user reads and searches for at that particular moment and for example suggests the most relevant treatment.

For example, Josh spends some time on your website looking for a relaxing weekend treatment, but then he exits your website without buying or enquiring. You can say “Goodbye” or “Thanks For Visiting Our Site” with a personalised pop-up message/banner with a person being massaged, and perfectly relaxed. Inform Tommy, that you have a special offer for him.

Benefit: You are more likely to win additional business, because you respond to the customer’s need when they are thinking about it. The internet and particularly how customers use it is about “how do I solve my problem now?”, so you have to act immediately.

6. Deepen Customer Relationships With Mobile Apps

To increase engagement, consider developing your own mobile app. Mobile users are using Apps for 70% of their interactions online (with the largest share of course being the likes of Facebook, Twitter and so on). They only use a web search browser like Safari for c.10% of all their enquiries. Partly this is because the App is situated on the users mobile ‘desktop’ and therefore always visible, this acts as a reminder of your product or service. Uber (the taxi company) have been highly successful in exactly this approach to retain customers.

If you decide to do build an App you boost its performance with Mobile Marketing Automation.

An app is a perfect opportunity to drive additional revenues to your business and based on a new set of behavioural data to understand fully what clients need.

More and more we use mobile devices as very personal assistants. They sit in our pockets 24/7. They help us find the best local services, check other users opinions and generally research answers to something we are seeking.

Push notifications (such as text messages or messages within an App that pop-up) are really powerful, despite their short form. They have been shown, according to SALESManago’s customer data, to increase users’ engagement by 540%!

Benefit: You can gather unique customer insights, which you can analyse and integrate with other channel data (e.g. emails, social media, text messaging).

7. Reach More Customers With Social Media

People search for products on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest so it is a good idea to be there for them!

Social media is free, it is faster than traditional marketing such as newspaper or magazine adverts, it can be targeted and constantly updated. You can advertise on social media channels to very specific groups of customers or geographic areas, and interact directly with potential customers. Most importantly, they can interact with you, your team and your business.

Your business Facebook page and Facebook campaigns can be integrated with an automation platform. This helps you to gather more information about users’ behaviour from social media (likes, clicking on adverts or filling in forms). This are all captured in the marketing automation system in one place and helps you create Facebook Custom Audiences (highly targeted relevant customers). Useful of course if you want to spend less money on advertising and win more business.

This depth of detail means you can tailor your messages to customers even more precisely and to target ads in social media more cost effectively.

Benefit: Social media value is achieved; it becomes a must-have tool to encourage more customers and of course more appointments and sales revenue.

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7 Marketing Automation Solutions for UK Salons

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