Why Invest In Website Keyword and Competitor Research?

It’s old news that websites are an essential investment for any business. But all too often, business owners dive head first into their site development without giving sufficient attention to the focus and strategy their efforts should take.

Deep online research is designed to give you the full picture before leaping into this business-critical investment, mapping out a clear strategy that will ensure the final results generate leads and secure sales. Let us explore why it’s such a shrewd move.

Intelligent Web Design Insights

“There is perhaps nothing more important than an SEO audit when it comes to the health of a website. An in-depth audit provides a roadmap necessary to identify and pinpoint any existing weaknesses within your site” Dwight Zarhinger of Search Engine Journal

The launch of a website usually comes with baited breath, as the business and its developers wait for data to roll in that indicates how profitable – or not – their new online presence will prove.

Analysing the success of a website is a great idea, but to eliminate guesswork and the risk of disappointing results, it’s vital to spend some time researching the market before you go ahead in the first place.

Deep online research assesses your current website if you have one in place, as well as your competitors, keywords and other aspects of digital marketing, to help you take a strategic approach to building your online presence.

There’s no point pouring money into a glossy website if it’s not visible on Google, or bestowed with a smooth user experience. By spending a little now and setting aside the time to conduct preliminary research, you can save a lot of time and expense later down the line.

Maximising Website Returns On Investment

Mitigating risk is important, but so too is maximising the return on investment brought about by your website. Deep online research, as the name suggests, offers a thorough analysis of the market, complete with recommendations on the best way to deliver on your objectives.

For example, you might want to complement your website with a sound PR strategy, or digital advertising to optimise traffic. By taking a closer look at what competitors are doing – and what they might be missing – you can begin to build an accurate picture of how a cost-efficient and high-return strategy might come together.

Whatever success looks like to you, be it Google Impressions, click-through rates or cold hard web visitor conversions, this research will result in tailored recommendations on how to allocate funds and resources. So whether you’re a start-up or an established company, you can choose a path that allows you to reap the rewards of your hard work.

In-depth Web Consultancy Service

Conducting research yourself is not only time-consuming – without expertise in digital marketing and SEO, it’s near impossible to gather and analyse the data you need to inform a sound strategy.

Our consultancy service is designed to ensure you make a profitable investment into digital marketing, gathering key information to help you create an online sales machine that will deliver results. We also support creative agencies that may not have this capacity in house.

From our initial pre-meeting to the final report and recommended strategies, we offer a full service that will position you perfectly to take an intelligent approach to site development. At just £750 for the first 4 companies that book our services each month (usually £1200), when you redeem against a full order it’s an investment that’s truly worth every penny.

For more information about how our deep online research service could save you thousands, call Sparks4Growth on 0203 758 3999 or email contact@sparks4growth.com today.

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