Marketing During Corona Virus Adversity Advice to Help Mitigate Impact Author: Mark Sean Elliott – Managing Director at Sparks4Growth The impact of the recent emergence of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) is being felt worldwide, with some countries for example Italy and China in a ‘severe state’ with lockdowns and curfews in place. Limiting peoples’ movements, jobs and daily life. The travel and hospitality sector are not unique in feeling

 Research Reveals Ways to Dramatically Improve Hotel Social Media Effectiveness Social media marketing can be incredibly valuable as a customer engagement marketing tool. Unlike printed content creation, social media is numerical, measurable and trackable. We can see – what we assume to be – its benefits when impressions and likes shoot up. But are these metrics always indicative of a genuinely successful post? Do more likes always mean more

Reduce Social Media Marketing Costs & Increase Revenues It is so easy to press the ‘Boost’ button on Facebook to ‘promote’ a post. BUT there is a problem, it is not an effective overall Advertising strategy as it mainly targets your existing Page followers. So great for retention but not for acquisition campaigns. Evidence I go on to show in this article also shows that Boosting can result in: INCORRECT


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