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SEO Is A Solid Investment

SEO online marketing is unlike other marketing methods such as direct mail or Pay Per Click advertising. The main purpose of PPC for example is to boost online marketing campaigns or kick start a new business website. On the other hand SEO best practices gain traction for your business online and optimise your website for Google driving new visitors to your business. The ultimate objective is to increase website sales. With on-going web development help, investment, maintenance and updating significant visitor traffic results can be achieved. The following web development guide overviews the main terms relating to search engine marketing, dispel some myths and aim to help guide your website investment decision. In answer to the often asked question “SEO Vs PPC which is better?” it is a straight investment consideration. The main difference when is that once a PPC campaign budget has been outlaid there is no residual return on investment (ROI) benefit as can be seen below:

Pay Per Click Versus Search Engine Optimisation ROI

Website SEO techniques build value into your web page and help increase website visitors. Your web site is valuable real estate, in the same way as your business premises is and can be written down to your profit and loss account in the same way. Investing in websites in this way means your website literally becomes an equitable business asset. Top websites can be sold at substantial sums on trading sites online. This is not the case with PPC. Typically a solid website developed built in this way will increase website traffic for circa 12 months from the point in time where it is optimised and run 24hrs a day, 7 days per week. Compared to employing a sales person who takes 3-6 months to train, works at a maximum productivity rate of 60% and only average 220 working days per year (then leaves to go to another company) SEO web design is a loyal sales machine! SEO services are an investment over time, they will start to yield results typically in a 3-6 month period but may take as long as 12 months+ (depending on competition levels and Google). It is worth the wait. In the meantime, balancing SEO development with pay per click marketing techniques is recommended web development strategy to gain traction and ‘quick results’, then reduce PPC budget over time.

What Is SEO Website Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimization is the definition used to drive more visitors and potential customers to your website. NB To turn these visitors into leads and customers is another step called CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) which we overview later on. The first thing to clarify is that you cannot ‘optimise a search engine’ like Google or Bing. So the term SEO is a bit misleading, you are actually optimisation your website. Search engines keep changing their complex algorithms, rules, that attempt to match up words input by a person searching for information or answers in their Google search box with the most relevant and informative content on websites. This formula is known only to Google, Bing, Yahoo! so any SEO expert or any SEO company who tell you they know the secret to any of these is not being 100% frank with you. Our team use their experience based on testing and results to guide SEO development. To SEO your website there is no magic solution or single web development method. To optimise your website for search engines is just one critical digital marketing method to grow your business’ online success. SEO results cannot be guaranteed as the outcome is entirely up to Google. That said, with a solid professional SEO team working for you results will come in time. SEO organic search is better in the long term and can outgun Pay Per Click over time yielding on-going ROI.

SEO Website Design Strategy

First (Search Engine) Impressions Count

The best any web development agency can do for you is to ensure your website optimisation addresses potential customers’ problems and create trust. If for example you are searching for ‘quiet 3 bedroom holiday villa in Greece’ you don’t want to receive results in Google that don’t match like ‘B&B in Blackpool’. When your website details appear in search engine results for a searcher (see examples below) this is known as an impression. As with meeting customers in real life first impressions count, decisions are made in a split second by searchers and if you get it wrong your potential website visitors will not click on your page and the opportunity is lost. The examples below are both for the search ‘Golf Club’, one result is clearly better written than the other:

Example of Poorly Created SERPs Title and Description
Example of Well Written SERPs Title and Description

The American Golf search results description clearly shows what the web page will be about to potential website visitors. In the example customers are looking for ‘golf club’ not for ‘website cookies’ and the text for Ferndown Web page titles (in blue) and summaries (just below) must entice customers to click on your website and ‘walk online’ into your web premises. In the example of a high street shop, if the fascia or signs are irrelevant then customers will not consider walking through the door. The search results pages or SERPs titles and SEO description are not believed to have much, if any effect on SEO rating by Google, but as described greatly affect how humans choose to click on a link.

Keeping Your Website Growth Natural

Search engines enable you to encourage more visitors to your website and to it is necessary to provide a natural fit with SEO on page and a web searchers enquiry. Web Development Projects that follow this approach have been shown to increase the search engines popularity towards your website. This process is also referred to as Organic Search. It is exactly like growing healthy plants where a steady, natural, organic and patient approach will create the strongest roots (backlinks) and sustained growth (SEO). Typically this is achieved by ongoing SEO maintenance, creating rich, relevant, informative web page content and ensuring this information is presented and arranged in a way that helps a web searcher find what they are looking for. Starting at the search engine results page (the list you get in Google or Bing when you search for something) and throughout your website visitors experience. Increasingly people are searching using mobiles or tablet devices and Mobile search engine optimization should be factored into your web development plan. The overall design must consider the limitations of visual space on mobile devices and a host of other factors specific to mobile users. Google favours sites that are created and optimised for mobile. As of 2015 following a Google SEO update sites that aren’t built in this way are less likely to appear high on mobile device search results. If at they appear at all.

Potential Customers And Search Engines

The ultimate balance to be struck with your SEO web design is to please both your human searchers and the search engines. This is where the investment into a specialist SEO team time and expertise is invaluable. There is a necessity to constantly maintain, update and refresh your website content and information. Google and customers’ requirements change over time and there is no single way to drive up more website visitors or conversions so a constant test analyse, test (repeat) approach is necessary. If it is a speedy growth in website visitors from Google that you need whilst your site grows organically using SEO or for quick burst campaigns then PPC marketing should be considered in conjunction with on site SEO custom web design.

SEO Is A Strategy Not A Silver Bullet

If you are told there is a ‘quick way to get you more website traffic using SEO’ or ‘we can get you to number one in Google in a week’ then it is frankly a lie, it used to be possible but Google have changed the rules to prevent bad practices. If for example you are offered ‘100 great backlinks in a month’ then run a mile! This type of practice no longer works (at least for Google, Bing, Yahoo) and could result in real damage to your websites’ equity. Google apply penalties if they notice this on your website and the worst case scenario would be a total ban from Google and no web business! Even companies like Interflora have fallen foul of this kind of penalty resulting in significant business impact, they simply disappeared from Google overnight and spent months recovering again. SEO by definition is a strategic not a tactical marketing approach and can take significant time to reach is ROI peak.

Marketing Advice To Help Your Business To Grow

We Offer You A Free 30 Minute Consultation Call Via Skype. Our Marketing Consultants Will Work With You To Understand Your Objectives And Then Develop A Digital Marketing Plan Of Action For You To Consider.

Building Valuable Website Infrastructure

Gaining Trust From Search Engines & Other Website Owners

Backlinks are links from one website to yours and provide an indication of trust to Google. They are in fact a sign of value and trust that other website owners have given your site by linking to your website. Backlinks are SEO basics, the backbone of the way the web is constructed and can be thought of as a daisy chain of like minded and trusting sites. It is where the term internet and world wide web originated from. The higher the value and relevance of these links (e.g. a link from the BBC would be a high ranking backlink, a link from an irrelevant site that is built badly will be low) the more Google trusts your website and this boosts your position in search results. You will attract more backlinks to your website if your content is fresh and relevant, if you manage to attract a very ‘high value’ website link it can massively accelerate your visitor traffic. Contrary to a lot of techniques or claims by disreputable SEO firms online backlinks must be earned not bought. If your website developer is someone of high quality they will use SEO link building techniques (such as PR outreach) to attract ‘quality backlinks’, it takes time, web development resources and great website content to achieve a solid link profile. Although having a single ‘high value’ link is great, if it is lost then your visitor traffic will go too! A range and volume of backlinks are needed to have a sustainable website. You wont have absolute control over who links to your site and inevitably you may receive some links that are low value or even irrelevant, there are ways to manage these but overall your ‘quality’ links are what count. Although it may seem strange having a mix of ‘great, ok and poor’ backlinks can actually be an advantage as your site will look natural to Google, in other words not designed by an automated process or spam which Google detests! Most new websites, even some that have been around for a while, will not have many backlinks to start with, which means that at first your site is unlikely to attract a lot of listings in Google search results. As an indication it takes 1-3 years for an average website to develop a great backlink profile and this needs the skills of professional SEOs to achieve.

Building Solid SEO Website Foundations

Exactly the same as building any property solid foundations are required to build a new site or refurbish an existing site using SEO audit & SEO analysis techniques to become a lasting, valuable business asset. These foundations start at the strategic planning stage, researching your market, competitors and business niche. The foundation of all websites is a great technical build and often Word Press web builder software is a preferred way of achieving a Google friendly site (Word Press is also more flexible, cheaper to adapt and often mobile optimised). Each page must have the correct coding created using SEO tools, relevant content and incorporate keywords to be valuable. Pages that contain mainly images will struggle to appear high in Google results whereas text, videos and internal site links all add to the quality of the web build. Previously we outlined the need to develop a backlink profile for your web site, it is also important to create internal website links between your pages to help users and Google navigate through your website.

Planning Relevant Content For Website Visitors & Google

Extensive research into the key words that people are searching for and how these match to the products/services that you offer is essential to increase your Google SEO score. People tend to search in Google using questions like ‘how do I find a dentist in Oxford’ to start with, then gradually narrow down their preferences as they learn more. So the second search might be ‘NHS dentist specialising in teeth whitening in Oxford’. These are known as long tail searches. Many businesses are tempted to try to appear in Google for commercial terms like ‘dentist Oxford’ which are harder to develop website optimization results for (particularly if there are lots of dentists in the area). Using your business name repeatedly on web pages is not of much use unless customers already know about you already. It works for L’Oreal or iPhone but probably not for Oasis (nightclub in X town) as it will be confused with bands, soft drinks, Wiki descriptions about deserts and so forth. To maximise your potential one of our SEO tips to attract customers is to ensure your site has a wide and relevant mix of text content with keywords naturally included. This is a proven way to search engines marketing success. There must be a balance of keyword phrases used and a mixture of word variations (as not everyone will search in the same way). For example ‘dental surgeon in Oxford’ and ‘Oxford based dentist’ are two variations, the more variations used the more chances of a match between a searcher and your website. This approach balances the requirements of potential visitors and increases the potential for your website to be found. It gives a signal to Google that your site has deep rich content. In terms of SEO this is the main foundation, of course visual site design, interaction and ‘how to contact your business’ all need to be factored in (known as CRO or website conversions).

Marketing Advice To Help Your Business To Grow

We Offer You A Free 30 Minute Consultation Call Via Skype. Our Marketing Consultants Will Work With You To Understand Your Objectives And Then Develop A Digital Marketing Plan Of Action For You To Consider.

Converting Your Investment Into Sales Revenue

Web Development To Drive Business Leads (CRO)

Once visitors are coming to your website by clicking on results in Google and arriving on your website the next step is to encourage these visitors to stay, read your content and act. This is CRO – conversion rate optimisation, or simply put turning website visitors into leads and customers. In effect these are visitors to your ‘shop’ by implementing CRO website design you can start to convert these visitors into customers. If the shopping experience is not easy, badly laid out or simply confusing then your website visitors will rapidly leave. Imagine a not being able to find a pair of shoes in a shop because they are buried under a pile of vegetables and that if you do find the shoes that you cant find the check out to pay for them…… People’s attention spans online are extremely short and most people will not waste precious seconds in a website maze. It is unlikely a dissatisfied visitor would use a CRO website of this kind again and trust is lost, this is demonstrated to Google by less visitors to a web page, less time on the website. This has been proven to result in a website being presented less often to people in search results. So less opportunity for your business to attract valuable website traffic. This is known as ‘bounce rates’ or ‘exit rates’ and if there are a high number of visitors leaving your site, in a short time (under 30 seconds) this is a problem that needs expert assistance to rectify. Conversion rate SEO focuses on the way your pages are built designed and guides your web visitors to reach the information they are searching for. Techniques that apply vary depending on your customers’ profile but may include e-books, video content, blog articles and so on. By serving high quality content to your website visitor you increase website conversion by driving up visitor engagement, length of time spent on your site and potential to convert visitors into customers. The ultimate measure of CRO success is typically a website visitor who responds to your call to action (calls you, downloads your content, signs up to your newsletter, emails you, places an ecommerce order).

Web Development SEO and CRO Help From Our Team

In summary there are no ‘quick fixes’ that deliver a long lasting ROI when developing your organic search result marketing. Ongoing steady investment and up to date information is required to encourage visitors and Google to love your business online. With help from our London web development agency team you can achieve significant results, at a fraction of the cost of having an internal SEO team to deliver this for you. If you are investing in websites for profit of your business and have web development questions our experts are ready to help you. For a free 30 minute Skype consultation and initial digital marketing analysis of your business contact us to book in a time.

Marketing Advice To Help Your Business To Grow

We Offer You A Free 30 Minute Consultation Call Via Skype. Our Marketing Consultants Will Work With You To Understand Your Objectives And Then Develop A Digital Marketing Plan Of Action For You To Consider.