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Over the past few weeks, in the previous 3 articles we posted, we’ve been looking at how modern business succeeds or fails on its approach to marketing outreach: too many generic messages, in an unfocused vein, will limit your chances of fostering a brand that people remember.

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In this last part of our series (4 of 4), the importance of LinkedIn comes to the fore, presenting an opportunity to refine your approach and infuse it with personal touches. We’re better placed than most to help you in this regard, so let’s analyse how your network can rise to another level…

Six degrees of separation

A common belief persists that we’re only six steps removed from anyone in the world. That is – we must only trace one contact that can lead, by subsequent referral, to any other we might think of, leapfrogging from one sphere of connection to the next.

In today’s culture, that has never been truer; the Internet has done wondrous things for our ability to hone in on complete strangers, bridging linguistic, societal and geographical gaps like never before.

Much of this can be pinned on social media, which nurtures our collective influence. LinkedIn, the world’s primary business networking platform, facilitates the aforementioned principles: once you start to reach out to other people, a host of further contacts are there for the taking, all defined by their relevance to your venture.

Building Online Relationships

Building these sorts of persistent, online relationships is key to gaining valuable introductions. Whether you’re wishing to gain wholesale orders, or secure a long-term service provision, there’s no better entry point than a shared connection on LinkedIn.

This social platform is so useful because, without the power of persistent engagement and a willingness to discuss your industry, there’s little merit in having an account. If you make the right contacts, the scale of your outreach efforts is genuinely limitless.

Therefore, in essence, a contact is more likely to talk to you if a mutual link has sent them your way. That’s the strength of trust. And that’s why the 2nd degree properties of LinkedIn are absolutely central to your business aims.

How we make your voice heard to key contacts

To boost brand awareness and make inroads with those 2nd degree connections, Sparks4Growth offer a LinkedIn Programme for our clients. We draw up a target – say, requesting 60 connections a day – to considerably grow your online network.

In the first week or two, we’ll test out various forms of targeted messages, each pre-approved by you. Follow-up messages fit the same pattern, and we inform you every step of the way on how well your LinkedIn profile is shaping up. Out of 60 daily attempts we typically achieve between 12-18 accepted invites (around 300 per month). And out of that will stem genuine leads from the whole month’s worth of activity, which we comprise in a report.

We recommend that to maximise the benefit that we run this programme for your for a minimum of 3 months as results often improve as testing and network size increases.

It’s our pleasure to assist in the B2B engagement. Without deeply considered dialogue, and a sensitivity to each contact’s personal values, there’s not much hope for carving a name for yourself. So let us do it for you

Email me, Mark Elliott directly to arrange a call to discuss bringing our marketing expertise on board, the sort that’s impossible to ignore…

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Effective Online Business Networking

by | Jan 2, 2017