The Challenges Of Targeting

Prospects Directly


Any business worth its salt wants to gain and strengthen its main communication channels. Prospects aren’t just going to turn up at the drop of a hat; there needs to be some sort of direct approach to engagement, without which your brand and turnover will suffer mightily.

However, it’s vital to acknowledge how much has changed since the dawn of digital networks. What was considered standard practice 10 or 15 years ago is now moot in many cases. This is the first in our four-part series detailing the challenges you face for outbound marketing, and how to overcome them:

A Large, Competitive Marketplace

The Internet has digitised virtually any industry you can think of. Any start-up launching itself into the marketplace will encounter a host of similar businesses, all of which profess to be the best at what they do.

Consumers in the commercial and professional sectors, therefore, don’t have time for anything that isn’t going to hold their attention. Sales patter isn’t enough; there has to be a true, tangible substance to your argument for giving them what they need. The more fish in the sea, the harder it is to differentiate one fish from another – this is the situation we find ourselves in, and competition has never been fiercer.

Generic Company Contacts Get You Nowhere

In today’s world, ‘expansion’ doesn’t just relate to the size of an organisation’s payroll. Globalisation has seen a mass increase in the number of roles a company may require, each of them distinct and backed by their own internal departments. Heads of ecommerce, HR, marketing, IT… the list goes on and on.

Subsequently, locating the right contact – as in, the valid decision-maker for whatever you’re proposing – can be extremely difficult. Is it best to go straight to the top of the corporate chain? Who actually controls the budget for your area of interest? Such realities must be debated before any meaningful connection can established. Otherwise, you’re probably wasting your time.

Everyone Expects A Personal Flavour

In a similar vein, your method of actually speaking to a contact is just as important as how you find them. Writing a catchall introduction or industry update is no longer enough. Prospects have cottoned onto the lazy approach to business i.e. barely tweaking a standard message template, one that’s as distant as a wave across a crowded room.

Broadcast communications have lost the power they enjoyed when they were merely a novelty. A personal spin is crucial to engaging key prospects – the converse strategy, showing someone that they’re only one of many, is guaranteed to lessen your outbound marketing impact.

So, these are the pitfalls we must cross in order to foster professional interest. Hiring a digital marketing consultancy like Sparks4Growth boosts your chances of turning hearts and minds your way; we’re a solid investment for any business, large or small, that struggles to target online prospects.

<Keep your eyes peeled for the rest of the series on dealing with such issues Part 2 “The True Cost To Acquire New B2B Customers” is now available… call 0203 758 3999 or email to bolster the voice of your brand.

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Effective B2B Prospect Marketing Online

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