LinkedIn For Business Success

You have probably experienced networking and know the time it takes to find that crucial contact you are seeking. If used correctly and in a quality manner LinkedIn can help you expand your business contacts, build relationships and generate critical new business opportunities.

It still takes time however the number of conversations, interactions and reaching past the gate-keeper (typical of cold calling or other marketing outreach) is massively increased. The reason being that you are directly talking to another person, not ‘selling’ at them.

Our specialised services work by agreeing a strategy, contacting specific people by role or title, geography and company size. Then blending copywriting of articles relevant to people you wish to talk to and non ‘sales’ approaches to strike up conversation. Ultimately, this nurtured approach results in lead generation.

Service Options


If you are new to LinkedIn or have under 500 relevant connections then this 1 month duration service will kick start your networking journey. To give you a quality network of people connected with you in the right sectors and roles.

We will refine your LinkedIn profile and reach out to highly targeted contacts on your behalf. Ensuring that people are encouraged to connect with you, not 'sold at'.

So you set off on a positive approach and are set up ready to move on to networking or lead generation services.

Connect Full | Connect Lite

This 3 month programme is designed to increase your relevant connections and move towards lead generation for sales.

We manage everything for you. Refine your profile, write high-quality articles, contact and follow up with messages specifically written to 'encourage' conversation, not 'sell'. Then any leads or meeting requests are passed to you to progress the sales process.

The Connect Full service we work for 10 days per month for you, the Connect Lite service for 20 days per month.


An ideal service if you have a large, quality base over of 2000+ connections on LinkedIn. We reach out to your existing LinkedIn business network to advise of a relevant service or event that you feel will be of interest to them.

A strategy is agreed with, all content for articles and messages approved by you before we commence.

Once the person expresses interest for a call, to have a meeting or be sent bespoke information we let you know whilst the interest is high!


It would be great to discuss your marketing and business objectives that we can help you with. So let's have an initial call by phone, Google Hangouts or Skype and see if we're a good fit for you.