Quality Content Writing Services

Content, particularly high quality written content is a mainstay of marketing communications. Ranging from blog writing, to website content, email campaigns and brochures. Ensuring that the reader is engaged and understands the content drives up more potential for you to build customer trust.

Whilst most of us can write to a reasonably high level for ourselves or our own business, time is often a barrier to producing regular content. This matters as fresh content helps to feed not only potential customers but gives an opportunity to rank in search engines (for blogs, web content).

Our content writers research, write and send you a draft for your approval. They specialise in adapting to your tone of voice and to the objective for which the content is intended. In addition we have 250 translators, who are naturalised speakers who can translate taking into account sensitivities to local customs, laws, morales and so forth.

You may also need content writing to help your website perform better in Google. Our expert SEO team of writers research keywords, write content that flows for a reader and helps Google to identify how your content matching the ‘search intent’ of a person.


Website and Blog Writing

On average a blog or website page should have between 300-500 words.

A deeper blog that includes complex research for example can typically be around 1000-1500 words.

Any longer than that an we would recommend creating an excerpt, with the remainder of the article forming a downloadable PDF or similar document.

SEO Content Writing

Writing to please readers or customers is always the first priority. To provide relevant information and answers to questions people are searching for in Google gives an extra dimension.

SEO content writing experts balance these two factors and carry out research for keyword phrases that ensure 'relevancy'. This is so a searcher in Google finds information that helps them move towards a decision.


Brochures and other Marketing

Brochures are often produced as downloadable PDFs. Other times content needs writing for print production items, for a talk, presentation or as a press release.

These are all valuable and crucial marketing items that you may need developing. Our team will ensure consistency of tone of voice, high quality research, proof reading and that content relates to the intended audience.


It would be great to discuss your marketing and business objectives that we can help you with. So let's have an initial call by phone, Google Hangouts or Skype and see if we're a good fit for you.