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You have probably seen the option on Facebook Business pages to “Boost” a post that you have created. As shown in the image below and circled in purple. Whether you have created the post on mobile, tablet or desktop. It is quick and easy then the Advert is approved and voila it is merrily running.

But have you looked in detail at who ends up seeing your Advert i.e. ‘Reach’ or ‘Liking’ your page or ‘Sharing’ your post?

When you dig into these figures you will find that it all does not quite add up. The ‘cost per action’ will be pretty high and you are unlikely to see many people actually engaging (sharing, liking, commenting). So why is that?

We are going to look at some of the reasons why and then help you by giving you a KEY TIP on how to improve your results, increasing your Facebook Advertising financial effectiveness by as MUCH as 400%.

1. Missing The Customer Target

The options you get when you click on the Boost Post button are simply too limited. To start with you are only given the Campaign Objective options to target:

  • People You Choose Through Targeting
  • People Who Like Your Page
  • People Who Like Your Page and Their Friends

This misses more detailed objectives like “Local Awareness” or “Traffic” (to your website) to name but a few. The Choose Through Targeting option does give you an ability to align your business or product with people who may have a related interest e.g. I am a tennis club –> target people who like sports or specifically tennis.

But this is still too broad to be effective. So the options to target Age Group, Gender and so forth give a next level of refinement.

Then you are simply given an option to choose a ‘button’ for your Advert e.g. Learn More, Sign Up. Which are fine and give a reasonable spread of available campaign options. Overall however the options available do not allow you to pinpoint accurately a good match between your Advertised Post and the plethora of your customers interests.

2. No Customer Behaviour Options

Facebook stores a rather scary amount of user data based on individuals previous behaviours. So using the tennis club example, perhaps you want to promote an offer on Tennis Rackets or Lessons. Facebook has sufficient data to know if a user has previously purchased or expressed interest in buying a Racket, if they have previously searched for one within Facebook and so on.

But the Boost Post option does not factor this in. A BIG lost opportunity and meaning you will be targeting lots of people who have never shown any purchase intent (and probably never will).

3. Wrong Delivery Time For Your Audience

The standard Boost Post option only allows you to schedule the start and end times for the Campaign duration. This means that a large chunk of your budget will be spent (particularly if you choose the “Pay for Impressions” option) on serving your advert when your customers simply aren’t looking at Facebook.

Again using the Tennis club example, it may be that your potential customers are more likely to be viewing Facebook before work, at lunchtime or after work or college. In between they will be working, in college lessons. So why pay for this period? Its simply a waste of your budget.

4. You Can Only Boost Page Posts

That seems pretty logical but is it? An Advert plays a different role to your posts or at least it should. Page posts are informative, of general interest to your current followers and to create engagement / interaction on your Facebook page. Whereas an Advert should be driving people towards your page, website or product landing page to accelerate Conversions (actions such as purchase or downloads).

Well crafted Facebook adverts have a headline, use carousel images where multiple images are visible (you can’t do this in Boost option) and serve a specific purpose. An Action.

4. Is Facebook Serving Your Business Well?

Perhaps not. I have come across a myriad of articles that suggest that the Post Boost provides a poor quality of Advert exposure. What I mean by that is that say you spend £10 on a Boost, using the method we’ve been looking at so far, that these Ads will be served to the ‘lowest value’ customers and at the worst possible times. A bit like ‘off peak energy’ where the usage charge is lower because demand is lower.

I have seen this happen on tests I have run, also from evidence shown to me by businesses I have now helped to address these issues. Their adverts were getting served, responded to, liked by South Americans, 16 year olds etc. nothing wrong with that of course. Although they in fact have a local Cafe in London and wanted to target the 20-65 yr olds.

The articles I have seen suggest that Facebook do this as the number of Impressions (people who have the post delivered to their timelines) is a figure that businesses get really excited about “wow! for only £5 I had 10,000 look at my Page Post”. Great! Except if I am selling motorbikes in Manchester to only UK customers over 18yrs old then I have missed my real target customers, but still spent the Advertising budget. Is THAT being served well by Facebook? Not really.

The Solution….To Get 400% More Cost Effective

I promised, after explaining why ‘Not to use the Boost Post’ option, how to remedy all the issues above. So here it is and I do not understand (except for cynical thoughts I may have) why this is not made clearer by Facebook.

The solution is called Facebook Ads Manager click on the link to have a look.

In Summary, this option means you CAN do all the things you cannot using the Boost Post option. It takes a little while to find your way around but is relatively self explanatory. What is even MORE powerful about Ads Manager is that you can run two adverts concurrently, say with just a different picture or a slight variation on your wording – to compare results. Which in turn means you can refine Adverts to decrease your Ad spend further. Known as A/B testing and used since the dawn of Direct Mail and Door Drops in print marketing.

Using this method I have successfully reduced campaignd I have been working on from 48p / click to website (the amount the client was spending when I met them), down to 11p / click. Roughly 400% more effective use of budget. Whilst increase the number of Impressions, Likes, Shares and Comments on the Facebook Page.

Need Help to Get Started or Manage This For You?

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Why Your Business SHOULD NOT Use Facebook Page Boosts

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