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The idea of the faceless corporate suit has been in our culture for decades. Ever since globalisation took off, turning people and products into statistics, there’s been a danger of wilful separation: essentially, forgetting that personality is what consumers invest in, not your annual returns or false platitudes.

In today’s world, this has never been truer: outbound marketing must be personal and relatable. We’ve already looked at the challenges and costs of attracting new business, so let’s pick apart why people buy from you, and not an anonymous organisation:

Identifying Decision Makers and Influencers

It takes a little effort to find the right contact person in a business that could be made up of tens, hundreds, or even thousands of workers. You’ll want to aim for the relevant decision-maker – those with the power to say yay or nay regarding your proposition.

And yet, if you do manage to reach someone high up on the corporate ladder, there’s a temptation to flatter them, agree without understanding a thing they’ve said, or fabricate elements of your pitch.

CEOs and Marketing Managers will see through this straight away, and think less of you for it. You’re looking to solve a problem or deliver innovation, so have the guts to showcase your personality, skill-set and ability to think outside the box.

Voice Of Authority 

The phrase ‘thought leader’ is often bandied around discussions regarding earned, organic interest in what you do. But thoughts come from living, breathing people, not businesses, so make sure you’re pushing out content under your own name.

By investing in your personal brand, as well as your overall business strategy, you can leverage your status on social media. In doing so, you’ll be in a much better position to gain introductions to the right people, and secure meetings with those in your network.

Shared Values

Nailing the appropriate ‘character’ of your brand should take cues from your own beliefs, tastes and inspirations. Outbound marketing tends to become passionless if none of these traits shine through, in either your written or verbal dialogue.

Being terrified of saying the wrong thing is worse than saying nothing at all. Don’t doubt yourself, and use creative language when appropriate; otherwise, newsletters and the like will drown in tired clichés.

Priceless Enthusiasm

Regardless of the shape your marketing tactics have adopted, remember this: your energy is infectious, and it has to be unveiled whenever you have any point of contact, however big or tertiary it may be.

Devise a system for recalling someone’s name, relate a personal experience, and research a contact’s achievements before you meet them. Who knows – all of this could decide whether they do business with you, or pass you by in a flash.

We’re almost at the climax of our four-part blog series, in Part 4 we will outline ways to tangibly attract more business customers in a cost effect way, in which we’ll tackle everything we’ve been analysing thus far. Of course, in the meantime, Sparks4Growth can grow your business online, honing the personalised thrust of your promotional efforts.

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People Buy From People Not Businesses

by | Dec 21, 2016