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Help with GDPR Opportunity Marketing

What will happen after 25th May 2018?

Article by Mark Elliott – Founder S4G Limited

I was asked recently to do a talk on the changes to the Data Protection Act to meet European Legislation known as GDPR for short (General Data Protection Regulations) as a Marketer I could find this totally tedious but I see this as an opportunity.

As a business person I cannot afford to have a nap about this either! And given that the GDPR Go Live date is 25th May 2018 there’s not a great deal of time…..


So I made it clear that I am ‘no expert on the matter’ and outlined what I have gleaned from various workshops, talks, presentations, blogs, articles, networking groups etc. etc. and of course the ICO who are overseeing the GDPR change in the UK.

My understanding of GDPR was:

  • GDPR will affect all European organisations (it seems so)
  • GDPR relates to my business and all connected within my supply chain (it seems so)
  • GPDR relates to all my data stores including Cloud providers whether in the UK, Europe or outside of Europe (it seems so)
  • GDPR means that double-opt in, implicit opt in is not sufficient but ‘explicit and data use specific’ clarity up front is required (it seems so)
  • GDPR will mean a large amount of work to become ‘compliant’ (seems so)

And then I had a meeting with Ivan who is an expert in this field:

I opened with an assumption, that:

“If my business is working towards Compliance then all is ok and as long as a plan/pathway is in place then all is ok”

It would seem not. And that is an issue for all businesses of all scales. The complexity of the ‘daisy chain’ of business –> suppliers and partners is almost endless. Even for an SME such as my business.
Then my eyes were opened to the full scale and ramifications of whats coming up, just around the corner.

So where does the OPPORTUNITY come into all this?

The risks and costs of ‘not doing’ are significant from a financial perspective (with estimates of fines being rumoured from £41k+) but also from a trading point of view.

Simply put, if a supplier is not GDPR compliant and wishes to trade with a business who is, then it is unlikely to happen. Or if a business is seeking a supplier or partners then they will be ill informed to do so with anyone else non GDPR Compliant.

So the risk to existing and new business relationships, customer retention and acquisition are tangible.
Certainly not for any reputable business. And there lays the OPPORTUNITY! Get it right and you will have a clear competitor advantage.

And that doesn’t mean JUST EUROPEAN businesses but those who trade with European businesses, supply to European Business, provide Database solutions to European Businesses or Web Servers……the list and effect is mind boggling!


You may already have all this in hand or in motion if so, super, please ignore the rest of this post.
If not, then I strongly recommend either contacting me as per below (which I have tried to make as Compliant as possible).


As I mentioned at the start of this post I am NO EXPERT but I have sought a lot of advice on this subject. Or face some VERY late nights trawling through the 200+ checks and balances I have seen (so far) and fixing out all your processes to comply with these…now that WILL HELP YOU SLEEP!

Ivan and his team are the best I have come across and I urge you to contact me to put you in touch with him to give you his clear advice directly.

To get in touch with me or Ivan for Help and Advice Please Complete the Contact Form below
Click Box to CONFIRM : that you are ‘ok’ for me or Ivan to contact you by email to arrange a time to discuss GDPR Help/Advice

Thank you and I hope you get on well. I for one have ramped up my businesses readiness.

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