How do I get to the top of Google Search

Being On The First Page On Google…

…could end in a betrayal

As Rand Fishkin, a globally recognised SEO Expert (and I never use that word lightly) explains super clearly just how many factors there are to identify how a websites’ ranking and traffic can be affected. And also the ‘why’ underlying reasons that may cause this.

“Being at Number 1 on Google does NOT always = Lots of website traffic or sales”

I am going to give my outline, as to why I have made the statement about ‘betrayal’ above. Then explain the characteristics of how to seek out a SEO Specialist you can truly trust to get you more relevant website traffic to drive your business leads and sales.

Ranking High or even No.1 On Google BUT Low Volume of Web Traffic

This is the particular area I wanted to draw your attention too. I seriously cannot recall how many people have told me that they are ‘ranking number 1 in Google‘ for their business for a wide range of keyword or business name terms BUT are still seeking a host of Marketing advice as ‘they simply aren’t getting any business’. They may be getting some traffic but not relevant traffic.

The Mythical Beast of Being On Top Of Google

When looking for SEO professionals for my business back in 2015 I spoke to around 30x Search Engine Optimisation practitioners, all purporting to be ‘SEO Experts’ in the UK, USA and overseas.

All but 2 focused immediately on claims of ‘we can rank you number 1 in Google for your Terms’. Some said they could do this for £100 per month, some £2500.

Only 2 of These Professionals Refrained From Making These Claims. Why?

Because no-one, at that point, had done any research, analysis or testing. Without these being carried out NO-ONE can make any claims to rank a website for specific terms. To be fair even after doing the essential research NO-ONE can guarantee No.1 ranking for keywords (either a few words or long tail phrases).

So the 2 good quality SEOs didn’t bang on about being No.1 at all.

Let’s assume for a second that my business was at ‘No.1′ for a keyword phrase. Thats’ great isn’t it?

Coming back to Rand’s video and explanations, the answer is NOT NECESSARILY. You can be number 1 for a keyword or phrase that:

  • Attracts no impressions i.e. no-one or very few people are searching for it
  • Attracts impressions but no clicks i.e. people don’t like what they see in the results
  • Sinks when viewed on a mobile device, in another geographical area etc.
  • Sinks at certain times of the day, the week, the minute, the hour

So being number 1 is like chasing rainbows or unicorns. Its simply the wrong strategic focus.

See more here from Rand’s video:

Credits: Image and video courtesy of Rand Fishkin founder of Moz software for SEO

So If Slay The “Being at Number 1 On Google Beast” How DO I Get More Website Traffic?

That’s the million dollar question. And if you have time, around 20 minutes, to watch the whole of Rand’s video (of which it is just one of a weekly series of hundreds) the time and expertise to act upon Rands’ salient advice then great!

And I do mean TIME & EXPERTISE there are no shortcuts to ranking well for the right traffic that will give you, as one of my  team I clearly puts it:

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Conversions

So if you are offered a SEO ‘Unicorn’ for £100 per month beware! That will also be a mythical beast worth leaving to the fairytales. Even if you look at the video again or just the ‘still image’ you can see just how many variables and factors need to be ‘considered’ even before ‘implementing changes’.

And with all the best will and software in the world, that requires a human or humans to sleuth out the answers, then constantly maintain your competitive position in Google (the target customers’ Google search results).

Profile of a SEO Expert Who Will Be There For You

IF all the ground work is done correctly, the research, the consultancy, the planning and a solid testing programme pre-implementation then your beloved SEO will emerge.

That love isn’t for a day or a single effort or for a month but a lasting relationship where your time and money invested in them will result in a fruitful relationship. A symbiotic one, as good SEO’s are there for the long-haul not for a quick buck.

Pick the right SEO who doesn’t ‘Promise the Earth then leave you standing at the Alter’ or offer you hundreds of backlinks (hint: you need high value links check your website with this backlink tool) and you will soon be scooping up the rewards of appearing in relevant searches for customers seeking your product or services.

Take note: I did not say ‘appearing number 1’ but ‘appearing in relevant searches’ and THAT IS THE KEY

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