Hotel Marketing Investment

There are some great ways to generate more share of voice online and potential revenues, but very often I see some of the basics being missed. Things that are easy to achieve and with some fine tuning can make a big difference to capture market share and fend off competition.

I thought I would share some ideas with you to consider and to implement where they are appropriate for your hotel.

How To Get More Customers Locally To Your Business

1. Share Of Voice

If you aren’t being ‘seen’ then your competitors will be filling up that space, taking your share of voice, to be in front of potential customers. For example on timelines on social media, in Google results and so on.

Whilst measurements like ‘Impressions’ and ‘Reach’ may seem superfluous compared to ‘closer to sale’ measurements like ‘website clicks’ the fact is that the more your hotel brand is exposed to people, the more you are literally ‘top of mind’ for future purchase consideration.

This subliminal element of social media is often overlooked and yet it is powerful, especially if the content you are creating is of a high quality. It becomes irresistible.

Hotel Special Offer Spa Weekend

2. Giveaways Are Highly Valued

Again and again I have seen that truly ‘great’ give aways are a certain way to create a buzz for your hotel. These can be a smaller cost option such as a ‘free glass of bubbly’ a ‘wedding favour’ (when a booking is made of £X) or a major prize such as ‘weekend break for 2 all inclusive’.

The ‘value’ of the prize MUST be relative to create the buzz, get shares, comments, engagements and interactions. By relative I mean that if, for example, an offer is too low then it won’t get the hearts racing.

For example “5% off a weeks break” (which costs say £2,000) is a great start and customers will evaluate if £100 is great for them. I suggest from experience, that this would not give anyone much of a nudge to dive onto your competition or giveaway.

To get customers coming back for more and more, to give your hotel a reputation of an exciting venue keep the offers coming and make them a real packaged sensation! The value to your hotel will come by enticing others towards your hotels’ marketing and in turn expose new customers to your brand.

Consistent Content Creation for Hotel Marketing Success

3. Consistency Is Critical

This simple phrase has many facets to it when it comes to, particularly, social media marketing. Your Instagram feed for example will be viewed on mobiles and desktop, so that all or just some of your posts may be visible at one time.

As people see consistently high quality videos, images, stories, featured content and Ads they become ‘warmed’ to your hotels brand. Literally in terms of whether you are projecting high-end, boutique, modern, experiential. As I mentioned in the first point above, this repeated and consistent messaging takes hold, a long time before a purchase occasion, so it is a crucial foundation to generating revenues.

The other key facet is to ensure consistency and regularity of posting. Posting regularly, with high quality content – this is relevant to both potential customers and essentially to Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business….from a ‘non-human’ perspective all the platforms now look for how well received content is (quality score) as well as how consistently content is being posted.

We have seen from data research that if one post is ‘great quality’, the next ‘poor quality’ then the 3rd post will suffer (even if it is ‘great quality’). Getting this balance correct is crucial to better ROI from Adverts, Organic Posts and traction on campaigns.

Excite customers on social media

4. Excitement Breeds Excitement!

I am not being glib and I do mean that the ‘excitement’ I am referring to here includes has to be relevant to your brand:

  • Tone of voice being positive, upbeat and stimulating
  • Images being punchy, positive, relevant to the customer
  • Use live video or video with a well planned storyboard
  • For video us a tripod and a lapel microphone for stability and sound quality
  • Offers, what’s on, events having the right overall framing to get the buzz!

Content that is about the ‘team’ in the hotel often gets a lot of Likes, Comments but rarely leads to a buzz, to an end revenue generating potential. More often the hotel team or associates are the ones ‘Liking’ and ‘Commenting’ which is of course nice to show the team as part of the hotel brand, but rather meaningless to the customers.

So make sure the ‘excitement’ is what ‘excites’ the customer or potential customers.

Boost Facebook Posts for Success

5. Advertising is far more powerful than ‘Boosting’

It still stuns me the amount of businesses, in and outside of the hospitality sector, are spending £000s per year ‘boosting’ content on Facebook and Instagram. I understand why as it seems ‘easy to do and there is a great promise of accuracy and results’.

If there is one KEY takeaway from this article I implore you to invest a touch more time building campaigns using the Facebook Advert Portal (see details here) NOT solely Boosting posts directly from the Page. The ROI is significantly better, better value for money and more accurate.

Results are significantly better using Facebook Adverts as they:

  • Reach more relevant target customers
  • Gain more engagement from relevant target customers
  • Drive a higher propensity to purchase

Boosting gives big results in terms of say Impressions (how many people saw your post) but from tests I have run regularly the ‘people’ who see the Boosted post are not within the target market. Impressions generated in this way are NOT a measure of success or ROI.


6. Social Research Unlocks More Potential

Social Research, also referred to as Social Proof, includes reviews on Trip Advisor of course and also Google My Business, Facebook. Importantly to get great responses, the comments people make on social media posts are more trusted than just ‘reviews’. Positive comments about an event, a give away and so forth encourage others to be intrigued, to act.

Prior to booking all age groups tend to research on social media channels, some may lean towards Facebook (particularly leaning towards a 30+ year old demographic) and others on Instagram (more prevalent in the 18-40 year olds) but more often than not ‘both’ will be looked at.

measuring hotel expenditure on marketing

7. Manage What You CAN Measure

This is still such a true phrase and good practice. Measuring results against objectives and investment is a challenge though with disparate customer touch points (where customers see your details before purchasing). Sometimes giving attribution to a certain marketing action can seem very challenging.

The good news is that by setting objectives and measurements or goals relative to the marketing channel can overcome this. For example, if you are investing into Instagram as a social media channel.


Some key measurements of success are:

  • Increase in number of people who like your posts
  • Increase in number of people who comment on your posts
  • New influencers, relevant to your sector, attracted
  • The number of people tracked to your website
  • The number of people who visit your website who then complete a goal
  • The number of sales showing in your CRM

The same is true of most channels including offline marketing such as brochures. To track ‘end to end’ and measure attribution will require expertise both to set up correctly and monitor/report. Once set up however, you will know what marketing channels are yielding the best return on your investment. And that’s invaluable!

Mark Sean Elliott - MD and Marketing Consultant

Why Am I Sharing This Advice?

I love it when hotel sales managers or general managers I work with succeed. We share in that success when we work on various marketing channels as an Agency, that ‘buzz’ gets me out of bed in the morning.

On another side of things, I prefer to see great ROI from investments as a business owner and as an Agency. When I see £000s being spent that could have far better results if done properly, then I feel passionately that I want me and my team to help achieve that. The alternative is that money is willingly accepted by Facebook, boosting their profits, not yours. No disrespect Mark Z.

If you’d like to have a chat with me or one of the team, to review your current marketing even given some advice please reach out. We’d of course be delighted for work for you as your Specialists, but for now let’s talk!

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