How to speed up my website when it loads

How to Check The Speed Of Your Website

Here is a quick and easy way to check the speed of your website:

  1. Go to –> Page Speed InsightsMeasuring the speed of your website
  2. Copy and paste in your website address
  3. Click ‘analyze’ and wait a couple of seconds
  4. Your results will show
  5. Results are shown for mobile and desktop
  6. 1 is ‘Slow’, 100 is ‘Fastest Possible’

Why the Speed of a Website matters

It is no surprise that mobile phone/tablet device searches have grown significantly since 2009. Globally the average exceeds 52% and in certain countries significantly higher than this (e.g. Africa 59.5% and 65.1% in Asia)*

For some businesses in the UK and USA you may have significantly higher levels of mobile driven website traffic.

If 50% of your website traffic is via mobile and say your website is taking 2-3seconds to start to load and 9 seconds or more to finally load then you’re in trouble.


This can result in an acute loss of potential customers, who will simply give up out of boredom ( as customers expect instant results today) and leave your mobile website and shop elsewhere.

Even if your website ‘looks like’ it loads quickly you have another problem, Googles’ ‘Speed Camera’. The speed of your website is a crucial ranking factor, ever since they changed some key measurement criteria a few years ago. See article by Moz here

So if your competitions website is faster on mobiles then you may be losing customer website traffic to them.

Their website may well appear higher on Google than yours.

How To Speed Up Website Load Time

There are some simple ways to improve your website and some significantly more complex that will require the expertise of a web developer.

1. EASY – Resize images

To make sure their pixel size is reduced to as small as possible. This shouldn’t reduce the ‘actual visual size’ and care must be taken not to make the file size too small (or the images will look grainy, pixelated).

You can achieve this most easily by using a tool such as photoshop or in some cases your WordPress theme will allow you to edit the image directly from your Dashboard.

Photoshop – Free trial for 7 days

Details here

2. MEDIUM – Increase Server Response Times

My website hosting company are lightening fast, but they can only drive my web

site as fast as I make its engine perform. This plug-in accelerates the site server-level cache and a provides a collection of other optimisation features.

Great plug-in by LiteSpeed Technologies and easy to install.

Download here

3. HARD – Eliminate ‘Render blocking resources’

This requires adding a few plug-ins to your WordPress site and then setting them up to run on a regular basis. OR If you have limited experience of WordPress I recommend asking your Web Developer to carry this out.

Superb Plug-In by Frank Goossens who also provides support if you need advice. Download here

3. HARD – AMP Website Development

How Google Show Slow Loading Websites

This requires a web developer who is a specialist in this method of website building. How to get started guide here.

It requires a ‘super light’ website page or landing page to be created that users are directed to (in lieu of your main website). Fully ‘built for mobile’ you can identify these pages on Google Mobile search results see example

Sites that are built in AMP can be clearly seen in Google results as they have a lightening symbol beside them (designed to inform users that the site will be ‘super-fast’ to load on their mobile phone).

Google is also known to favour these websites in Google ranking positions.


So DO Speed Up Your Website

I hope this article has helped to give you some ideas and advice. I am not a tech or developer myself but my team are skilled in these areas.

My perspective on the need for speed is from a customer experience AND Google perspective to facilitate your Google ranking aka SEO. And that is definitely worth getting your website running as Fast As Possible!

*Source and graph image credit to Statista, 2019

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