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Article by Michael Osen (BA Hons)

Marketing Automation is about using software to automate the delivery of marketing content to your clients or potential customers. It’s about ensuring you’re targeting the right people, at the right time, with the right messages. This saves your sales team hours chasing customers who are not yet ready to buy.

Used correctly it can generate leads, nurture existing relationships and revive depleting ones by delivering highly personalised, appropriate and useful content at the point at which customers are ready to receive it.

Selling At A Time That Is Right For Your Customers

This point is particularly important and is one of the most exciting capabilities of Marketing Automation. Technology today allows us to engage with customers on their schedules and not our own. The result is the ability to convert prospects into customers, existing customers into engaged customers and to improve customer retention. Firms effectively implementing Marketing Automation should realise significant new revenue and an excellent return on investment.

An Example of How Marketing Automation Works In Practice

An example of Marketing Automation would be to send a fully personalised mobile push notification or text when a potential customers’ GPS or IP (mobile position) identifies that they are close to your premises. The message could state ‘Come and visit us! Here’s 10% off’. This is the right message at the right time. This is achievable when Marketing Automation is combined with Social WiFi for retail business premises.

The customer is ready to receive the message as they are already on the high street and ready to shop, whilst a push notification or text is the best channel as it’s unlikely they will check their emails whilst shopping but will check their phone. A similar process is true for B2B customers and Service product businesses, the difference is that the Text Message could be triggered when they reach a certain point in their buying cycle e.g. to alert them to an offer or webinar.

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In Sales Timing Is Critical

In order to effectively implement a Marketing Automation system you must understand your customers’ needs, wants, preferences and practices so you can effectively deliver the right messages, at the right time, to the right people. If this is not knowledge you possess at the beginning, Marketing Automation software can help provide this insight as it measures customers’ actions and reactions (to emails, web content and text messages as well as social media engagement). The software gives you detailed insights to your customers behaviours, so your marketing tactics can be adjusted to match these.

Sales Software That Listens and Learns 24hrs a Day, 7 Days a Week

The beauty with using software to implement marketing actions is that each automated function can be tracked and measured, allowing you to see the success of each operation. You can understand what worked and what didn’t and where you can improve. Over time you will be able to develop a system that is returning value for both yourself and your customers.

Affordable and Relevant To Small Businesses As Well As Larger Businesses

A common assumption is that Marketing Automation is not necessary for small businesses, who feel they can conduct these actions manually. However, with the fast pace at which contemporary consumers move, especially with respect to online browsing, a delay of even 1 minute in delivering the correct marketing message could result in a missed opportunity.

Marketing Automation offers the opportunity for businesses of all sizes to better engage with their customers. As a result businesses will see increased revenues from both new and retained customers whilst increasing the efficiency of their marketing efforts.

Product Demonstration Webinar To Find Out More

The Webinar, run byMark Elliot (MD of Sparks4Growth)  and Piotr Wrona (Automation Expert at SALES Manago), explains how the software works and what support is offered to get started. You are helped all the way and there is minimum financial exposure (30 days free period, followed by 1 month rolling contract).

Worth a try or would you like to find out more?

Please register your details and an email will be sent with a link to the Webinar (recorded) so you can watch the video when convenient to you. Alternatively, please feel free to call me directly to discuss further – Mark Elliott, MD of Sparks4Growth Ltd. | 0203 758 3999 |

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How To Sell To Customers When THEY Are Ready To Buy?

by | Jun 26, 2017