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by | Mar 28, 2016

Hotel Wifi for Guests and Business Visitors

Is It A Shock To Get Charged for Hotel WiFi?

Have you recently stayed at a hotel in the UK, or abroad, asked if you there is Wi-Fi available and been advised “yes, its only £10 per hour, £25 per day…”

Most of us now expect to have Wi-Fi in our hotel rooms as standard, in the same way we would expect to have clean towels and soap, without having to pay an extra charge. It is surprising that not all hotels have recognised that having access to free Wi-Fi for their guests as standard is no longer an ‘extra’ but a standard requirement for most travellers. Particularly of course for those of us travelling on business.

Do Online Reviews Impact Your Bookings?

There are exceptions where Wi-Fi is unwelcome. For example if a ‘retreat’ break is your requirement where you can escape all things modern, connected and so on. In reality though even at these resorts how long is it before you start searching for at least a 3G mobile signal to check your Facebook, emails and so on?

A scathing article in the Mail online in 2012 named top hotels in London that were charging as much as £26 for 24hrs of Wi-Fi access on top of a hotel room rate in excess of £500 per night.

As a hotel owner your business strategy will vary of course. So you may want your hotel to attract guests and receive reviews for ‘luxury’, ‘exclusivity’, ‘pristine service’ or for ‘key facilities’ such as having a gym or pool. With a view to attracting a certain class of clientele, for example segments such as families, business guests and the elite.

Whatever your strategy, it would be a real shame to then rank lower on Trip Advisor or similar rating services due simply to having ‘no-wifi’, ‘wifi expensive’ or ‘wi-fi that is slow’. Wifi Rank Hotels is a site that specifically ranks hotel wi-fi services by download speeds and upload speeds.

Trip Advisor Hotel Wifi Ratings

Google Results For Hotels With WiFi

Hotel ratings are of course readily available online, customers will search to see if there are any negatives to staying at your hotel establishment. If they are using a rating service the star rating (ranking) of your rooms can be pushed down by ‘1 star’ simply by not providing a fundamental wifi service. This will have an impact on your online booking potential.

Conversely providing free, fast and reliable guest wifi for your customers can attract invaluable exposure. Not just from guests but from bloggers and journalists who write reviews of hotels across the world.

Hotels Ranked by Their Wifi Service Provision

Branded Guest Wi-Fi Is A Solid Investment

As a frequent traveller either on business or for leisure I find that it takes a while to orientate when I first arrive at a new hotel. A new city, weary from long travel and unfamiliar surroundings.

Very often I ask questions about ‘when is dinner served’, ‘what time does the gym open’, ‘what is there to do near here’ and so on.

All these frequently asked questions can be answered and indeed prompted using guest Wi-Fi services. It all starts with a simple, single click log on to the service via a specialised hotel web page branded in alignment with your overall web page design. Guests log on and then you can provide salient, useful information to them for example you could send a text to advise of the evenings menu in the restaurant, that the hotel has a happy hour starting in an hour or offer a taxi booking service. All of these are opportunities to delight your guests and up sell hotel services.

For your hotel business this presents a broader strategic opportunity. With Guest Wi-Fi you have advertising space capabilities built in. This space can be offered to local businesses, florists, taxi companies, restaurants and theatres. In return your business receives advertising revenue and reciprocal promotion opportunities via the partnerships you create.

Find Out More To Increase Your Hotel Revenues

WiFi guest services work for small boutique hotels and large hotels alike. The potential is great and can be a real boost to your bookings, revenues and up-sell opportunities.

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