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As building a website becomes more accessible than ever, there’s a perceived low entry cost to the digital world. A perception that it is easy to grow a website that will convert customers and bear fruit.

However, a website without strong SEO is like a tree without roots; unless you have the right support network to bring in customers, your online presence will be starved of key nutrients by your competitors and simply wither. Your website will be lost in the woods.

Putting Down Roots

The Internet is a web, similar to the roots of trees. Healthy websites have many roots (backlinks), which interlock with bigger ones from other websites. These feed your website with vital ‘juice’ that can attract customers thirsty for your product or service.

Growing Your Crop With Content

To convert juicy leads into sales, you need to focus on converting website visitors. The more you feed your website with fresh quality content, the better yields you will see. From blog posts to videos, attractive fruit (content) will draw potential customers to your orchard.

Auditing Your Website

You wouldn’t just plant an orchard anywhere, with no planning or research into the location or local market to sell your crop. The same goes for websites; it’s essential to conduct a web audit that will provide key strategic information on how to grow and tend to your site.

There’s a fine balance between a website with strong roots and one that leaks too much juice through to others, draining your growth potential. Unless you audit your site effectively, your investment will literally be fruitless.

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