4 Marketing Automation Solutions for Luxury And Boutique 4-5* Hotels

Luxury Hotel Marketing Advances Online

by | Apr 22, 2016

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How Luxury Hotels Can Engage More Digitally With Customers

Having a website and conducting online marketing for your hotel is a must nowadays since most consumers do online research between choosing a place to stay. But how to make it work and deliver substantial, measurable results?

Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) will bring your marketing to the next level and provide the most relevant message for customers looking for the hotel. Here is how it can change your company’s approach. 

1. Differentiate Between B2B and B2C Customers.

These two basic audience groups require an entirely different approach. B2B consumers search for venues for conferences and business event while B2C visitors want to find a nice place to spend their vacation. To the first group, you should talk about professionalism, but the latter would prefer to hear about leisure, free time and entertainment.

With Marketing Automation, you can learn to which group given user belongs the very moment s/he enters the website. And with that information, you can show banners or contact forms or popups dedicated to that group. You can also use that intelligence to shape the offer for a particular website visitor – keep in mind that business customers tend to be less price-sensitive.

Marketing Automation Platform recognises user instantly, and then it personalises website content. Such practice dramatically increases conversion.

2. Personalise The Message

The platform allows you to build complex behavioural profiles. You learn what customers view, how they react to your emails, to campaigns in social media, or to the content on your website. It doesn’t stop here: you can combine such information with demographic data. You get the full picture of the customers, including their behaviors and interests. You can learn not only if they’re B2B or B2C, but also what budget they have or for how many people they want to book.

That knowledge can revolutionise every channel of your marketing. Your emails can become more personalised: you can tailor the content to user’s interests and needs, you can customise ads in social media, RTB networks, forms and banners on your website or push notification in your mobile app.

MAP also opens a possibility to create dynamic 1-to-1 emails: messages that are triggered by a pre-defined user’s action.

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3. Solutions For Your Sales Department

In your MAP, you can identify the event that will trigger an alert. In other words, when something happens, a pre-defined person gets a notification email. Why should you pay attention to that feature? Imagine that a guest who spends a weekend at your hotel visits your website again. It probably indicates that she or he is considering another trip. Make a call to that person or send an email with a personalised offer.

Alerts can also be used to monitor customer satisfaction.

4. Increase Guests’ Loyalty

Customer retention is the Holy Grail of all businesses today. Consumer research and chase new deals. They leave for another provider without batting an eye if offered something better.

MAP gives you amazing tools for marketing to existing customers and growing Customer Lifetime Value. Scoring helps you identify the most loyal ones (scoring is a system of points assigned to user for pre-defined actions, the more points someone has, the bigger the engagement). That way you can easily select loyal guests and address dedicated communication to them (for example, you can send them special birthday offer or send an email in the time they used to book a room). The knowledge you gathered on each of them makes your messages more relevant.