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7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Your Marketing

There are significant advantages to using outside resources for you marketing either for consultancy or to manage services such as social media or search engine optimisations.

Whether you run an accounting firm in london who need fresh ideas to reach more business clients or your the Partner of a Manchester Law Firm who need Internet Marketing advice reaching out to an expert marketing team can really drive up your results.

Here are my top 7 reasons why I recommend a brief e-coffee meeting by Skype or Phone would be VERY worthwhile:

(1) Lower Business Operating Costs

Although it’s true that good outsourced marketing doesn’t come cheap, there is still a huge cost savings when you consider reducing fixed overhead costs such as office space, salary and benefits, and recruitment, hiring and training expenses.

(2) Support Your In House Business Marketing Experts

The myriad of marketing disciplines in the field make it difficult for any business or marketing department to have employees proficiently skilled in all areas. However, taking advantage of consultants and contractors provides access to marketers with very specific skill sets just when you need them. Gaining professional services marketing strategy and tactical expertise at the fraction of the cost of hiring a full time member of staff.

(3) Accelerate Your Go Live Dates For Marketing Delivery 

If time is money, then possibly the most valuable benefit of outsourcing marketing is quicker project turn around time. When you hire a consultant for a specific project, it is often their top priority. Therefore you are likely to get the highest quality of work in the shortest time possible so you can begin to see the benefits of your marketing efforts sooner.

(4) Improve Business Productivity and Resource Focus

Activities that usually take up the most time for any business are the ones the business is least skilled to do. Hiring marketing consultants to focus only on effective marketing strategy and execution leaves you and your employees more time to focus on your business’s core competencies.

(5) Boost Innovation And Creativity With A Fresh Business Perspective

Often permanent employees become so close to a brand, project or campaign that it is difficult to step back and view it from the perspective of a potential customer. Outsourced marketing professionals will bring new insight to your brands and campaigns that you may have missed or never considered.

(6) Lower Staff Turnover Rate, Overheads And Recruitment Costs

The average entry and mid-level employee typically only stays in their job 1 to 3 years before looking for another position. Job-hopping has become much more the norm in today’s business world. Employing consultants and contractors eliminates the false pretences of long time employment and everyone knows where they stand right from the start of the relationship.

(7) Flexibility To Easily Scale Up Your Business When Expertise Is Required

Constant and rapid changes in workflow caused by the economic climate can make it unreasonable to hire and hire employees as needed. Partnering with a strong marketing consultant firm makes it much easier to quickly get the personnel you need when you need to ramp up production and scale back again when things slow down.

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