5 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need an App for Your Hotel


And Ways To Increase Hotel Guest Revenues

by Michael Lee

Hotels and mobile phone apps go hand in hand like sun cream lotion and a blistering red back. Mobile applications and the leisure industry are so well suited that you would think they had runaway together and eloped in a Las Vegas wedding chapel drive-thru.

In fact, apps are so popular we’ve become less inclined to book via branded hotels sites and instead rely solely on mobile applications.

Why bother scrolling tediously through a website, when everything is available with a quick swipe to the right?

So, with all the promise of a 5-star luxury resort, here are 5 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need an App for Your Hotel.

1 – An hotel booking system that is just a swipe away 

Many hotel mobile apps integrate their booking systems to provide a seamless reservation process, however a few step it up a notch and take advantage of push notifications or in-app messaging to remind guests about their booking or provide them valuable information about their stay.

The benefits of having an app for your hotel are endless. You could give the option to check-in early for visitors, access special offers, room service and check-out. Not to mention giving immediate service to your guests, from push notifications updates as well as instant messaging without the need of a long tedious journey down to the reception desk.

Having a mobile app allows the user to experience a personalised service without having to leave the sun lounger. With hotel apps, the concierge is only a tap away, ready to answer any question or provide a personalised service to guests (complete with perhaps a pre purchased Cosmopolitan magazine App link)

2 – it’s the personal concierge style touch that really counts. 

Let’s be honest, so many of us now spend an insanely unhealthy amount of time on our phone that we have the lost the ability to think for yourselves.

This is where having a mobile app for your hotel guests comes in handy.

Many hotels now provide curated guides of things to do, places to eat, transportation tips and maps that are selected for the guest in mind. For example, your hotel could have an entire guide specialised for individual guests, from nightlife to shopping, to galleries to obscure little tea shops for those serial tea drinkers.

Your guest wouldn’t have to do no prior research about the best places to take photos of food and Instagram later on, your app would have already done that for them.

Suggestions can be mapped out and eventually shared via social media, and in exchange gets more digital eyes on your brand.

3 – Room service a touch away

Why leave the cosy confines of your king size 4 poster bed while tucked inside the warmth of those Egyptian cotton bed sheets when you can simply swipe right for room service?

Your hotel can use the in-app experience to promote room services or other hotel services like dining or spa services, giving guests the option to quickly contact someone for more information or book immediately.

Your app could even be integrated with your hotel’s booking system, allowing requests to be managed with forms and making it possible for hotel staff to get requests automatically and have charges applied directly to the guest account.

At this rate, your guests won’t want to leave their room.

4 – Creating hotel guest loyalty with incentives

We all love a good deal. Many people opt for travel booking apps because of deals and offers, however, your hotel can get a slice of the action by offering something exclusive.

Have you thought about leveraging your brand experience by promoting offers tailor-made for your guest? With an app, you can do this.

Your hotels could promote offers within the app, send out push notifications and then make it easy for users to book with a discount code or by integrating with your hotel booking system.

Reward programs are especially popular with hotels, and they can also be integrated into a native app. Many of the leading hotel chains let users log-in with their account to check their rewards status and use points when booking, like the Hilton and the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Bangalore for example.

5 – Apps provide a consistent customer experience.

Imagine checking into a hotel without speaking to a single person. Or ordering room service or booking a massage in the hotel spa without dialling a single number. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, many hotel guests are let down by one or two unreliable members of staff to provide services to paying guests, and as a result of poor and untimely customer service, a string of scathing 1 star reviews on Trip Advisor or Facebook will almost certainly follow.

With mobile becoming more and more important for brands all over the world, it’s not surprising that the hospitality industry is taking advantage of mobile technology and utilising its full potential.

Beyond just booking stays, some hotel brands’ apps are taking things up a notch and offering more mobile features, like full concierge services and all kinds of local information and deals.

An app can literally do everything, reducing down the risk of a poor customer experience and a whole lot more.

Mobile apps are the changing the landscape of the hospitality industry and today’s more digitally advanced guests expect to be able to use their smartphones to do almost everything.


Apps essentially let brands get closer to customers, increasing brand affinity, loyalty and revenues. In the case of hotels, apps give guests a unique experience leveraging the technology many travellers have in the palm of their hand.

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5 Reasons Why Your Luxury Hotel Needs A Quality Mobile Phone App

by | Jan 7, 2018

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