How Lawyers Can Attract Even More New B2B Clients

And Reduce The Time Spent Networking

Increase The Number of Clients For My Law Firm

Guest Article by Nici West

One question I get asked by Lawyers that I know is: “How do I develop my client base, without solely relying on referrals?”

From conversations I have had recently this continues to be an ongoing issue in the mind of Legal Professionals and throughout their professional career. Although referrals and word of mouth will always remain to be the most powerful means of attracting new clients it is also out of your control (as to ‘when’ these referrals might happen) in lean times this can leave a hole in the revenue streams essential to operate.

After all, as with most businesses, it is a highly competitive market with large potential gains if the right clients are secured.

Paying The Rent For A Lawyers Desk

A priority for many Lawyers and Law Firm Partners is to generate sufficient revenues to cover the cost of office space, either the ‘rented desk’ or lease overheads. With the average office space being 200sq ft in which to operate, which according to The Lawyer “can cost a firm up to £12,000 per person”, you can’t overlook the pressing and constant need to attract new business.

Seeking Leads Within Your Business Networks and Further Afield

As a lawyer you are already aware that every person you meet is someone who could potentially be in the position to be a future client. You also never know who the person you know, knows. You are probably already networking and looking at how you can make more connections in your specific sector. Maybe you are also producing marketing campaigns to reach your target audience? Perhaps you’re attending events and seminars in your sector to meet new prospects. Networking can be time-consuming and exhausting, so how do you make your connections go further?

Is There A More Reliable And Effective Way To Reach the RIGHT Clients?

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve give to all my clients is: “think about where your prospective clients are”, then figure out “how to be where they are” and ways to reach them. What about social media? In a society riddled with smartphones and tablets, chances are nearly everyone you know is on social media. Of course, you have different kinds of interactions with people on different platforms. While many lawyers are reluctant to use Facebook as a place to network, LinkedIn is a recognised growing platform for professionals.

Using LinkedIn to network online is a great, cost and time effective way to develop new prospects. It’s an effective tool to use to find key clients in your specific sector. And, it’s an easy way to see how far your network reaches, by looking at your the connections of the people you know. As it grows in popularity, many more are turning to it to extend their professional networks. If you want help to take the heavy lifting out of finding new clients, take a look at our LinkedIn Managed Services. Our LinkedIn service helps you develop new relationships with key clients and built connections for the long term, while reducing the risk and stress of event networking and marketing for yourself.

How LinkedIn Managed Services can benefit your Firm

  • You can build real connections with key clients in your specific sector
  • It’s not like a marketing campaign. Connections you build through LinkedIn are built for the future, not just the campaign period.
  • You don’t need to purchase marketing data
  • Saves you the time and effort of investing in telesales and other conventional marketing techniques
  • LinkedIn networking saves you time attending events, seminars and networking sessions

It’s a fully managed service, which means you can focus on your other responsibilities whilst we initiate those vital connections for you. And, you’ll still be in control. You simply get leads sent to you as your connections reply, so you can watch your network grow.

If you would like to find out more I can send you our LinkedIn Managed Services information pack please contact me directly and I will email details to you:

How Law Firms Can Attract More Clients

by | Dec 12, 2017