SEO Website and Competitor Analysis To Inform Web Design Choices

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“S4G provide a fast, considered service with excellence in SEO. Mark and his team are wonderfully enthusiastic about their clients and clear about what’s required, the specific action plan and how to help clients get results. If you’re looking for an attentive consultant to drive your marketing strategies, Mark is the man to call.”

V.Craske | Head of Innovation & Digital at L&B

The Challenge

S4G were contracted on a white-labelled basis by L&B Ltd to analyse the website performance – technical web design, web user experience, search engine optimisation of one of their key clients.

L&B needed to have detailed analysis (technical SEO, UX User Experience, competitor analysis) to inform and guide their major clients marketing investment strategy, as part of an off-line and on-line integrated marketing drive. The S4G Team worked closely with L&B to review the clients’ overall marketing strategy to attract new customers, engage more frequently with new or lapsed customers and to combat a major UK wide competitor threat.

The Solution

A detailed analysis report was provided to L&B with a recommendations summary. The report outlined fundamental changes to the existing website and off page content creation programme that would provide short and long term web traffic and conversion improvements. The Emphasis was placed on driving increased local searches on mobile and desktop by individual users and raising the brands’ profile.

A key recommendation was to target business customers and how to encourage acquisition of this high yield market. These recommendations will increase the base revenues for the key client and work in synergy with the broader integrated marketing developments being proposed by the L&B team.

Analysis and Results

  • Expert resource provided to Agency to shape client proposal
  • Insights into key competitors strategy through SEO analysis
  • Key recommendations estimated to drive >£500k per annum
  • Specific, phased plan created to prioritise investment decisions
  • Expertise added to pitch without having to hire full time resources





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