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It is so easy to press the ‘Boost’ button on Facebook to ‘promote’ a post. BUT there is a problem, it is not an effective overall Advertising strategy as it mainly targets your existing Page followers. So great for retention but not for acquisition campaigns.

Evidence I go on to show in this article also shows that Boosting can result in:

  • INCORRECT targeting of customers
  • A HIGH level of ‘Impressions’ (being seen in Facebook timeline)
  • A LOW Level of relevant ‘engagements’ (clicks, likes, shares, comments)
  • NOT LIKELY to drive any return on Advert Investment

This means that significant Advertising budgets are being spent across hospitality businesses trying to gain more customers and revenues by Boosting posts.

The BIG Way to improve your success on Facebook and Instagram Advertising is to use the Facebook Ads Portal for acquisition lead campaigns. We show results from a live test we ran to demonstrate just how wasteful spending budget solely on ‘Boosting Posts’ is.

Why is the Facebook Boost option available if it doesn’t work?

Facebook Boost wastes Hotel and Restaurant marketing budgetWe asked this question to other Agencies we know in the UK and around the world who we know to check our own theories.

Frankly, we concluded that we are all baffled as to why this option is so prevalent and actively pushed to Business Users of Facebook. Without explaining what ‘boosting’ actually sets out to achieve.

Our only conclusion is that the ‘Boost’ option is there to:

  • Make it SEEM easy to Advertise on Facebook
  • To HOPEFULLY drive more results
  • Impress businesses with number of Impressions
  • Making Boosting LOOK effective.
  • Show a decent number of  advert ‘Likes’
  • BUT dig deeper and all is NOT what it seems.

So we can only conclude that the Boost option helps drive revenues for Facebook/Instagram but will do little to nothing for your campaigns to drive in new business.

Using the Facebook Advert Portal is the ONLY correct way to utilise your Social Media Paid Advertising spend.


Organic Posts Are Just Not Seen Anymore

facebook organic reach decline according to researchFacebook organic posts, those without advertising have, according to Hubspot, reduced in their Audience Reach dramatically since 2012, meaning that to get customers to even see your Post in their newsfeeds you HAVE to pay on Advertising.

Facebook has simply become a ‘Pay to Play’ social media platform and if you do not then your competitors will gladly take the opportunity to be seen by customers

It is widely estimated that in 2020 this will reduce to >2% Organic Reach overall.

Meaning that for every 100 Followers on your Facebook or Instagram account only 2/100 at best will see your post in their Timeline/Newsfeed.

So, without any Advertising ‘boosting posts’ or ‘using Facebook Ads Manager’ your content will not reach enough relevant people and all your efforts to ‘Post’ are wasted.



Hotels and restaurants we work with, we find we get extremely high results by using Facebook Advert Portal. This is because there is more fine control over Adverts and making sure they work to achieve a blend of Retention, Re-Engagement or Acquisition objectives.

To give an indication, even for the largest hotels we work with an Advert Spend of £50 per month goes a long way! Yet we see many many Boosted posts with low exceptionally low results.

We ran a test on our own Facebook Page in January 2020, to provide a real-life case study.

Facebook is not our main channel, as we are a B2B company, that said we ran a Split test to see the effect of:

  • Advert Method (A) $20 Advert spend using the ‘Boost’ option
  • Advert Method (B) $20 Advert spend using the ‘Facebook Ads Portal’ option

For both Adverts we ran the same:

  • Creative
  • Geographical targeting (London only)
  • Audience (professionals, by job title, role)
  • Interests
  • Time of day/week
  • Budget
  • Bid options (automatic)
  • Placements (automatic + Instagram or Facebook)


Effective Hospitality Social Media Campaigns on Facebook and Instagram

The Boosted Advert/Post was served outside of the target areas set up when ‘boosting’ the post. So although the Boosted post was served to people who Like our Facebook Page, the criteria set e.g. London as target area, was ignored by Facebook. In addition the number of worthwhile Engagements (Shares, Likes, Comments, Clicks to Download and Downloads) were zero. In effect, the $20 was spent and no value returned.


Building Adverts in the Facebook Advert Portal is certainly more time consuming and requires greater expertise than Boosting. However, the investment in time and hiring expertise or training in-house team to use the Facebook Advert Portal method yields significantly higher dividends in terms of KPI / ROI return.

Using the Facebook Advertising Portal increases accuracy and fulfilling objectives more effectively e.g. retention, acquisition, re-marketing.

To stop ‘burning cash’ to engage more potential customers on Facebook, I urge you to use a relative mix of Boosting Posts to reach your current ‘Page Likers’ and the Advert Manager to reach a wider audience.

Access the Facebook Advertising Portal here Or you can easily access the Facebook Adverts Manager via your Facebook Business Page – see video above. 

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