6 Marketing Automation Solutions

for Shopping Centres

Retail Marketing Automation

by | May 4, 2016

Marketing To Attract More Retail Customers

The biggest challenge for Shopping Centre Managers using digital marketing is to personalise messages in all channels and to generate synergy between online and offline marketing. Customers tend to research online and then try out products by visiting a retailer before buying.

You can join up the customers purchase journey from web or social media researching to physical retail store visits with Marketing Automation.

Retail Customer Segmentation

When you have a large customer contact base, it is vital to personalise your messages. With SALESmanago you can use tags to segment your audience into groups, according to:

• Interests
• Demographic data (e.g. gender, age or the city they live in)
• Shopping habits
• Loyalty and engagement

That way you don’t send “one size fits all” emails, but can personalise your offers.

Dynamic 1-to-1 Website Banners

When someone browses your website, you can customise the banner for every user. For example, if someone is looking for women’s apparel, put products from that category on the banners. Too often marketers use banners to show random offers – display something that user wants to buy instead.

Branded Guest Wi-Fi – More Than Just A Customer Service

Standard ‘Free Wi-Fi’, that is often offered to customers in retail environments, misses out on valuable customer data collection and analysis opportunities for Centre Managers.

Branded Wi-Fi offers a superior service for customers and Shopping Centre Managers alike. Starting with a branded log in page, the customer simply clicks ‘log in’ (with Facebook or Google+) and they are connected.

Simultaneously the Centre Management team can now see demographic information, footfall patterns and much more data to provide deep customer insights. Rich data and contact opportunities are increased as the customer database is populated with email addresses and mobile numbers (e.g. to use in SMS Text marketing).

In addition special offers, partner/retailer offers, advertising revenues, loyalty schemes and so on are all features of the Guest Wi-Fi solution.

Retail Shopping Offline And Online

Marketing Automation Brochure



Branded Wi-Fi Brochure


Website Pop-ups to Capture New Users.

Thanks to Marketing Automation you can personalise contact forms that serve capturing new contacts. When an anonymous visitor enters your website and browses it, show them a pop-up with a contact form.

Put on an incentive related to the products or materials viewed. For example, when someone search for a camping equipment, offer “20 Most Useful Camping Tips” eBook for download or discount for the first purchase with an image of a tent. Such techniques let the customer feel that you understand their needs.

Address The Online And Offline Marketing Gap.

Consumers tend to migrate between online and offline. They check the product online, then they visit the physical store to try it, and then they look for the best offer on the web… For marketers, it’s a tough call.

But there is a way to solve the problem: beacons for offline tracking and mobile apps. Use beacons or geo-location to identify when users are getting close to your physical store and send push notifications then. Mobile Marketing Automation tools will help you personalise push notifications.

Integration with Facebook.

Probably you have a Facebook fan page, but do you unlock its potential? Don’t spray and pray, but define precisely to whom you address your ads or boosted posts. You can create your Facebook ad directly in SALESmanago, using the knowledge about your audience collected in the system. In the setting up ‘wizard’, you can set the target of the ad, shape Facebook Custom Audience, and monitor your campaign efficiency.

SALESmanago and Vidizone Guest Wi-Fi automation solutions from our partner companies combine with your website and social media channels to create an intuitive and powerful marketing suite.

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