SEO Advice For A Start Up Company

Why Website SEO Is A Solid Investment for Start-Ups

SEO is the means to get your website found in Google search results, by relevant customers. SEO Website development and ongoing attention to SEO is unlike other marketing methods such as direct mail or Pay Per Click advertising. The main purpose of PPC for example is to boost online marketing campaigns or kick start a new business website.

On the other hand SEO best practices gain traction for your business online and optimise your website for Google driving new visitors to your business. The ultimate objective is to increase website lead generation and sales. With on-going web development help, investment, maintenance and updating significant visitor traffic results can be achieved.

I just need a website though!

It may be your business is just starting up and you may think that means a website that gives you a presence on the internet will ‘do for now’. It may if you are only going to use the site to refer customers directly to. However you may then have to pay over the odds later on to ‘refresh the site’ or have it ‘built to be found in Google’ if this is not initially built into your website strategy and technical structure.

Invest early to yield revenue

I recommend you to consider the mid/long term investment in SEO from the outset as it will yield its benefits within the first 12 months. An investment in business infrastructure as valuable (and crucial) as investing in your premises and your sales team.

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