Hotelinking Platform Helps Your Hotel to…

Acquire, engage and retain more guests. More specifically, Hotelinking is a set of products that will improve your hotel brand’s online reputation, marketing, direct sales, and loyalty. The solutions are added to your existing PMS (Property Management Systems) minimising investment and maximising your acquisition capabilities.

Upgrade your guests’ WiFi login and user experience

The first captive portal specifically designed for hotel guests. Easy and fast to access, customisable with your brand and pictures, and gathering verified data.

Help encourage your guests to refer to thousands of their friends

Guests who love your hotel will be enticed to share a post on Facebook during the WiFi login process, so their friends will instantly know about your hotel. This will also enrich your customer data.

Rapidly increase online reviews and reputation rankings

Send automated post-checkout emails to every guest, asking for a Tripadvisor, Holidaycheck, Tophotel, or Zoover online review. Increasing your online reputation.

Build the perfect guest profile adding to Property Management data

We have developed a unique data match process based on machine Learning that enables both data silos to consolidate creating the ultimate guest profile, which gives a priceless marketing advantage.

Turn unsatisfied guests into brand to ambassadors

We automatically notify front desk when guests are not satisfied, helping staff to address the situation before unhappy guests leave. Essential to avoid unfair online reviews.

Set smart email campaigns with accurate customer data

Now that you have a high quality guest database thanks to Hotelinking, it’s time to get your customers back. Send them directly to your website and track every new booking generated.

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