What Is The Advantage Of Translating LinkedIn? 

Article by Mark Elliott – Founder, Sparks4Growth Ltd.

What is the “S4G LinkedIn World” translation service?

The LinkedIn translation service offers translation of your LinkedIn profile and other marketing materials in up to 24 different languages helping propel your business into the global market.

Why not use a manual search engine translation service?

It’s true that sites such as Google and Yahoo offer free manual translation at the click of a button. However, whilst this might be sufficient enough for personal requirements such as travel or socialising, one must be aware of the risks that this might pose in a more formal set-up.

As Professor Douglas Hofstadter discusses in his article, ‘The Shallowness of Google Translate’, there is a stark difference between decoding and understanding a language. Without the knowledge of a linguist or native speaker, how could you be certain that you are employing the correct grammar; not to mention any local dialect or cultural differences.

Why should I translate my LinkedIn profile?

There are approximately 500 million LinkedIn users and the program is available in 24 different languages including English, Italian, Arabic, Russian and Chinese. However, it is available to access worldwide.

A user can opt to create their profile in multiple languages in order to reach their target audience; you might be trying to make contact with manufacturers in China or be looking to expand your business across the Middle East and therefore require a profile that is readily available in such languages that properly conveys your desired message.

It is important that all employees that deal with overseas clients or associates create secondary profiles in the respective language.

What else might I need to translate?

Aside from your own marketing publications, video/video subtitles and promotional materials that may well need translating (and we can do so for over 50 languages), consider the other features within LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Pulse, for example, is an important tool for businesses to attract their target audiences through sharing relevant content, helping build reputation and increase trust by enabling members to share self-published content.

Similarly, LinkedIn SlideShare should not be ignored as an important marketing tool for presenting content visually from Keynote, PowerPoint or PDF.

Business Advantage

Each of these provide businesses with the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and ability and, once translated, can help further their bid to international arenas or niche ethnic groups within your own Country.

For more information about the LinkedIn Translation Service and how it might help your business, email Mark Sean Elliott at Mark@Sparks4Growth.com