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Could Your Hotel Be Missing A Trick?




Expectations of hotels are higher than ever before. No longer are they a halfway house or an escape from reality – they are a home from home, an extension of your clientele’s lifestyle. Providing free wifi on site is part and parcel of the new ‘normal’ for hotels, but this isn’t a one-way conversation.

By delivering on customer expectations, hoteliers stand to gain a lot in return. Let’s take a look at the benefits of guest wifi marketing, and how your hotel could be missing a trick if you aren’t capitalising on your wifi service.

Growing Your Database

Your guests may provide personal details as part of the booking process, but savvy hoteliers know that bookings comprise only a fraction of the visitors through their doors.

A husband, wife and their teenage son may stay for the night, but with only the father’s email address captured from the booking, you’ll be targeting just a third of the guests in one room. Meanwhile, when hosting conferences and events, you’re unlikely to have the contact details for each attendant.

Third party wifi services like BT Cloud may deliver on customer satisfaction, but you’ll get no customer insight in return. On the other hand, by providing a dedicated guest wifi service that allows users to sign in through Twitter, Google+ or a simple registration, you can capture data such as the customer’s email address, gender, interests and date of birth.

Showcase Offers and Events

When creating a guest wifi service, you’re in control of the user experience. This gives you unlimited potential to engage with your customers, when they first sign in and after they have visited your premises. A branded landing page, updated regularly with offers and events, is a fantastic way to make the most of this space.

This could feature meal deals and happy hours within the restaurant, relaxation packages at your spa, or upcoming events for visitors in the local area. Your customers are far more likely to tune into these offers whilst enjoying a fantastic free wifi service, particularly if they have time on their hands.

Analysis and Remarketing

Interaction with your clientele shouldn’t end with the hotel stay, conference or event. Careful analysis of customer data, such as their browsing history or social media preferences, will allow you (and associated sponsors or event organisers) to re-market intelligently after their visit.

For example, knowing that a customer clicked on a spa offer on your landing page could allow you to create a tailored offer via email. Similarly, being able to filter out local businessmen and women from families visiting for pleasure would make it easy to create dedicated campaigns that make an impact with each demographic.

The demand for free wifi may seem like an additional complexity for hoteliers at first, but get your wifi service right and it can be an invaluable marketing tool for your business. Seeing the provision of free wifi as an investment to unlock additional profits allows you to get closer than ever before to your customers, to grow a network of engaged guests who return to your hotel time and again.

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Wifi Marketing: Could Your Hotel Be Missing A Trick?

by | Jul 5, 2016